893 Natural Charlie

2018-05-22 Charlie Red 8:41 minutes Balloon
893 Natural Charlie 1
893 Natural Charlie 2

This is a very natural scene, for people who love that. No big lights, no fancy camera moves. Just a girl blowing up one balloon, riding and deflating it.

888 Lola 1-on-1

2018-05-04 Lola 8:48 minutes Balloon
888 Lola 1-on-1 1
888 Lola 1-on-1 2

After she had seen my clip with Nathaly, Lola got jealous. She wanted to play with me too. And she came up with a scary idea.

First she’s blowing up one small balloon and puts it under my shirt.


Stuffed like this, I have to watch her doing a blow-to-pop. And of course, the balloon under my shirt gets popped too.