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981 Tuftex 17" clear and a little extra

2019-03-26Naomi Bennet11:20 minutesBalloon
981 Tuftex 17" clear and a little extra 1
981 Tuftex 17" clear and a little extra 2
981 Tuftex 17" clear and a little extra 3
981 Tuftex 17" clear and a little extra 4

This is Naomi blowing up one translucent 17" Tuftex balloon 2 times. As requested you can see the moist from her breath in the balloon. But that's not the end, she's taking her bra off, inflates the balloon for a 3rd time, spits in it, and teases her nipples with her spit.

Tags: nonpop, spit

952 spit filled loons

2018-12-14Amirah Adara10:39 minutesBalloon
952 spit filled loons 1
952 spit filled loons 2
952 spit filled loons 3
952 spit filled loons 4

Amirah is inflating 3 balloons using the pump and her mouth and gives them a nice stretch. After releasing the air out of them she spits twice in every balloon. Merry Christmas!

Tags: spit, nonpop

864 sticky fingers

2018-02-13Nathaly Cherie and Victoria Puppy16:10 minutesBalloon
864 sticky fingers 1
864 sticky fingers 2

Nathaly Cherie and Victoria Puppy are blowing up two transparent balloons until you can see the moist from her breath inside them.
To increase the moist, they deflate and blow the balloons up again a couple of times.
After playing around with these balloons, they deflate them on the other girls nipple to get them wet too.
Finally both girls take turns in blowing up one more balloon, to mix their spit in it.
To check how wet the balloons have become inside, both girls are sticking their index fingers in the deflated balloon.

Tags: nonpop, spit

839 drooling all over

2017-11-24Nathaly Cherie9:06 minutesBalloon
839 drooling all over 1
839 drooling all over 2

You are on your back and Nathaly is between your legs, blowing up one black balloon. As naughty as she is, she's drooling and spitting all over that balloon. This is quite a mess. What a nasty sight, seeing this white spit running down the neck of the balloon. After humiliating you and your fetish, Nathaly popps the balloon with her fingernails.

382 Wet Necks

2014-01-17Jasmin7:51 minutesBalloon, Spitting
382 Wet Necks 1
382 Wet Necks 2
382 Wet Necks 3
382 Wet Necks 4

Jasmin wets three balloons for you. She's got such nasty wet lips while blowing them up. Finally she's releasing the air and spits into the balloons.

Tags: spit
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