1135 Sofia's Sitpopping Masspop

2020-09-04Sofia Lee10:13 minutesBalloon
1135 Sofia's Sitpopping Masspop 1
1135 Sofia's Sitpopping Masspop 2
1135 Sofia's Sitpopping Masspop 3
1135 Sofia's Sitpopping Masspop 4

Sofia is sitpopping a bunch of TT17 balloons.

1117 3rd of July

2020-07-03Pia July17:12 minutesBalloon
1117 3rd of July 1
1117 3rd of July 2
1117 3rd of July 3
1117 3rd of July 4

New german girl Pia July pops her first 3 balloons. They are 14" Belbal Crystal Soaps. The first one with fingernails and the second one by sitting and bouncing on it. The third ballon was supposed to get popped by blowing, but petit Pia is just not strong enough to do it (yet). So she does another sitpop. German spoken, english subtitles.

1107 Ten sitpops

2020-05-29Victoria Puppy9:29 minutesBalloon
1107 Ten sitpops 1
1107 Ten sitpops 2
1107 Ten sitpops 3
1107 Ten sitpops 4

Victoria Puppy sitpop 10 14" Belbal crystal soap balloons.

Tags: sitpops

1085 Busty Sitpops

2020-03-13Sofia Lee6:58 minutesBalloon
1085 Busty Sitpops 1
1085 Busty Sitpops 2
1085 Busty Sitpops 3
1085 Busty Sitpops 4

Busty babe Sofia Lee is sitpopping a colourful bunch of 14" BelBal balloons.

Tags: sitpops

1054 Red Friday

2019-11-29Charlie Red10:58 minutesBalloon
1054 Red Friday 1
1054 Red Friday 2
1054 Red Friday 3
1054 Red Friday 4

No we don't celebrate black friday. This is a red friday for Charlie's butt. Guess what happens when you sitpop a bunch of balloons with naked ass cheeks.

Tags: sitpops

1044 There is no Halloween in Asia

2019-10-29Yuli9:09 minutesAsian, Balloon, Upskirt
1044 There is no Halloween in Asia 1
1044 There is no Halloween in Asia 2
1044 There is no Halloween in Asia 3
1044 There is no Halloween in Asia 4

Everything was prepared for a nice halloween clip, but guess what, there is no halloween in asia. And Yuli is really pissed about that halloween craze everywhere. So let's clean up this place with fingernail- and sitpops.

1043 pink sitpops

2019-10-25Nathaly Cherie12:38 minutesBalloon, Big boobs, Blonde
1043 pink sitpops 1
1043 pink sitpops 2
1043 pink sitpops 3
1043 pink sitpops 4

Nathaly Cherie is in for some sitpops. She's wearing a beautiful bra and Freddy jeans. She starts to blow up one pink 14" Belbal balloon by mouth and gives it a good ride until the neck stretches out. Then she makes a knot and puts it to the other preinflated Belbal balloons on her bed. Now she's eager to pop all of them. In total she sitpops 8 balloons. But what is she doing to the only big balloon around?

962 Tight jeans sitpops

2019-01-18Licky Lex12:03 minutesBalloon
962 Tight jeans sitpops 1
962 Tight jeans sitpops 2
962 Tight jeans sitpops 3
962 Tight jeans sitpops 4

Licky is wearing her tight jeans and blows up 4 balloons by mouth. She does some serious sitpops but the last balloon explodes in her hand.

Tags: sitpops, jeans

943 new girl: Sanny Luke

2018-11-13Sanny Luke13:57 minutesBalloon
943 new girl: Sanny Luke 1
943 new girl: Sanny Luke 2
943 new girl: Sanny Luke 3
943 new girl: Sanny Luke 4

New girl Sanny Luke joins ClubSteffi with a nice sitpop massacre.

Tags: sitpops

919 I love you

2018-08-21Katy Sky7:15 minutesBalloon
919 I love you 1
919 I love you 2
919 I love you 3
919 I love you 4

Katy Sky is wearing white skin tight jeans and does sitpops on 6 "I love you" balloons. 

Tags: sitpops
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