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1037 helium filled foil

2019-10-04Victoria Puppy4:10 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
1037 helium filled foil 1
1037 helium filled foil 2
1037 helium filled foil 3
1037 helium filled foil 4

Victoria is taking a walk with 3 shiny helium filled foil balloon hearts. She takes a seat and starts to play with the balloons. They are so wonderful stiff. Victoria puts one under her butt and starts to move her hips slowly. The balloon gets some small damage and the air goes out very slowly. She does the same thing with the other two balloons, but more a.g.g.r.e.s.s.i.v.e. She bounces with more power to make them pop loud. 

998 bright as the stars

2019-05-24Foxy Sanie12:57 minutesBalloon
998 bright as the stars 1
998 bright as the stars 2
998 bright as the stars 3
998 bright as the stars 4

Foxy pops 9 colored helium-filled star-shaped foil balloons. She's using her fingernails on 7, does one sitpop and one bitepop.

979 Helium Mylar Massacre

2019-03-19Gabi Gold11:54 minutesBalloon, Blonde
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 1
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 2
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 3
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 4

Gabi Gold is popping 8 silver and golden mylar foil balloons. 

771 Jurassic pop

2017-04-04Rebecca Volpetti11:20 minutesBalloon
771 Jurassic pop 1
771 Jurassic pop 2

Rebecca pops 4 helium filled foil balloons, including one giant dinosaur.

/// These balloons were a gift from a fan, unfortunately some chambers of the dino were already damaged and couldn't be inflated.

698 Alexis Crystal in: My...My...Mylars

2016-07-26Alexis Crystal9:41 minutesBalloon
698 Alexis Crystal in: My...My...Mylars 1
698 Alexis Crystal in: My...My...Mylars 2

Alexis Crystal is presenting her 4 beloved mylar foil balloons to you. She acts so sweet and plays so nice with her cute toys, but as bad as she is, she pops them all.

632 a good heart

2015-12-15Melly and Steffi12:04 minutesBalloon
632 a good heart 1
632 a good heart 2

Steffi and Melly are inflating this red heart-shaped mylar balloon. Melly tries to sitpop it, but it's pretty resistant.So the girls decide to release the air out of it.

570 Mylar for Steffi

2015-05-19Steffi9:28 minutesBalloon
570 Mylar for Steffi 1
570 Mylar for Steffi 2

One of our fans sent Steffi an Mylar balloon, because they are a bit underrepresented at ClubSteffi. This is a welcomed gift for Steffi and she blows this beauty up and has some fun with it. NON-POP

336 kola, caffeine and mylars

2013-12-02Alex and Steffi4:03 minutesBalloon
336 kola, caffeine and mylars 1
336 kola, caffeine and mylars 2
336 kola, caffeine and mylars 3
336 kola, caffeine and mylars 4

Steffi and Alex are enjoying their soft d.r.i.n.k.s. They wonder what to do with the straws.Then it comes to their minds, let's inflate and ride mylars.

298 Karina & 4 mylars

2013-10-25Karina12:03 minutesBalloon
298 Karina & 4 mylars 1
298 Karina & 4 mylars 2
298 Karina & 4 mylars 3
298 Karina & 4 mylars 4

Karina inflates a mylar balloon and tries to blow2pop it. But the balloon won't pop, so she decides to pop this and 3 more balloons by sitting, bouncing and helping with her finger nails.

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