979 Helium Mylar Massacre

2019-03-19 Gabi Gold 11:54 minutes Balloon, Blonde
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 1
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 2
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 3
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 4

Gabi Gold is popping 8 silver and golden mylar foil balloons. 

771 Jurassic pop

2017-04-04 Rebecca Volpetti 11:20 minutes Balloon
771 Jurassic pop 1
771 Jurassic pop 2

Rebecca pops 4 helium filled foil balloons, including one giant dinosaur.

/// These balloons were a gift from a fan, unfortunately some chambers of the dino were already damaged and couldn't be inflated.

698 Alexis Crystal in: My...My...Mylars

2016-07-26 Alexis Crystal 9:41 minutes Balloon
698 Alexis Crystal in: My...My...Mylars 1
698 Alexis Crystal in: My...My...Mylars 2

Alexis Crystal is presenting her 4 beloved mylar foil balloons to you. She acts so sweet and plays so nice with her cute toys, but as bad as she is, she pops them all.

632 a good heart

2015-12-15 Melly and Steffi 12:04 minutes Balloon
632 a good heart 1
632 a good heart 2

Steffi and Melly are inflating this red heart-shaped mylar balloon. Melly tries to sitpop it, but it's pretty resistant.So the girls decide to release the air out of it.

570 Mylar for Steffi

2015-05-19 Steffi 9:28 minutes Balloon
570 Mylar for Steffi 1
570 Mylar for Steffi 2

One of our fans sent Steffi an Mylar balloon, because they are a bit underrepresented at ClubSteffi. This is a welcomed gift for Steffi and she blows this beauty up and has some fun with it. NON-POP

336 kola, caffeine and mylars

2013-12-02 Alex and Steffi 4:03 minutes Balloon
336 kola, caffeine and mylars 1
336 kola, caffeine and mylars 2
336 kola, caffeine and mylars 3
336 kola, caffeine and mylars 4

Steffi and Alex are enjoying their soft d.r.i.n.k.s. They wonder what to do with the straws.Then it comes to their minds, let's inflate and ride mylars.

298 Karina & 4 mylars

2013-10-25 Karina 12:03 minutes Balloon
298 Karina & 4 mylars 1
298 Karina & 4 mylars 2
298 Karina & 4 mylars 3
298 Karina & 4 mylars 4

Karina inflates a mylar balloon and tries to blow2pop it. But the balloon won't pop, so she decides to pop this and 3 more balloons by sitting, bouncing and helping with her finger nails.