930 Code Red

2018-09-28 Charlie Red and Foxy Sanie 19:06 minutes Balloon
930 Code Red 1
930 Code Red 2
930 Code Red 3
930 Code Red 4

Our two red headed girls Foxy Sanie and Charlie Red are having a huge balloon massacre. A lot of balloons are getting popped with fingernails or by sitpopping. Only the biggest balloons will survive.

908 Amirah's 1st masspop

2018-07-13 Amirah Adara 14:35 minutes Balloon
908 Amirah's 1st masspop 1
908 Amirah's 1st masspop 2
908 Amirah's 1st masspop 3
908 Amirah's 1st masspop 4

This is Amirah's first masspopping scene. She's using her heels and fingernails mostly.

882 new girl: Charlie Red in The Hallway of Terror 1
882 new girl: Charlie Red in The Hallway of Terror 2

You find yourself in a dark hallway with Charlie Red and lots of balloons. But Charlie is not in the mood to play. She starts to pop the balloons immediately - leaving a real mess.

876 Ballerina Balloon Massacre

2018-03-24 18:41 minutes
876 Ballerina Balloon Massacre 1
876 Ballerina Balloon Massacre 2

This is a re-upload of our all-time best-selling clip. Previously released in 720p, now in 1080p.

Introducing new girl Scarlett, in an Ballerina-Balloon-Massacre with Karina. They are popping more than 50 balloons in many ways.

Tags: masspop

872 Ramonas first

2018-03-13 Ramona 11:18 minutes Balloon
872 Ramonas first 1
872 Ramonas first 2

Today we got Ramona in her first massacre scene.


She’s popping a buch of different balloons with her butt and fingernails, mostly commenting on how the pop worked for her.

844 pop hard

2017-12-08 Karol Lilien 17:00 minutes Balloon
844 pop hard 1
844 pop hard 2

Karol is having a massive fingernail- and sitpopping massacre.Karol is having a massive fingernail- and sitpopping massacre.

833 German Balloon Pop Fest

2017-11-03 Lucie and Tequila 23:13 minutes Balloon
833 German Balloon Pop Fest 1
833 German Balloon Pop Fest 2

Edgar sent us some balloons to play with, and Tequila and Angel are happy to do so.

800 czech massacre II

2017-07-11 Alexis Crystal and Karol Lilien 13:00 minutes Balloon
800 czech massacre II 1
800 czech massacre II 2

This time with Alexis and Karol building a tag team to heel- and sitpop a bunch of balloons.

Tags: masspop

764 Carrie loves massacre

2017-03-07 Carrie Cherry 5:57 minutes Balloon
764 Carrie loves massacre 1
764 Carrie loves massacre 2

Carrie enters the living room and pops a lot of balloons with her fingernails and high heels.

Tags: masspop

752 Dusty Moon is back

2017-01-24 Dusty Moon 7:30 minutes Balloon, Smoking
752 Dusty Moon is back 1
752 Dusty Moon is back 2

Dusty Moon is back, for some smoking hot balloon popping. Someone must have forgotten to clean his new years eve party up. But Dusty is doing a great job in cleaning up, using her cigarette. One last balloon gets popped by her fingernails.

Tags: masspop