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1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop

2020-05-22Marilyn Sugar34:49 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Teen
1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop 1
1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop 2
1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop 3
1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop 4

This time it's Marilyn who was picked by Dennis for his request. Marilyn is surround by a crazy amount of different medium-filled ballons, which she pops only with her finger nails.

Tags: masspop

1088 Almost hundred

2020-03-24Sofia Lee25:34 minutesBalloon
1088 Almost hundred  1
1088 Almost hundred  2
1088 Almost hundred  3
1088 Almost hundred  4

Here is another fingernail masspopping clip. Originally requested by Dennis. Sofia popps 89 balloons in 25 minutes.

1074 Fingernail masspop

2020-02-07Gabi Gold33:38 minutesBalloon, Blonde
1074 Fingernail masspop 1
1074 Fingernail masspop 2
1074 Fingernail masspop 3
1074 Fingernail masspop 4

Here is another fingernail masspopping clip. Originally requested by Dennis. The room is filled with more than 40 medium filled balloons, so Gabi can deeply push her finger nails into them, before they pop. 

1047 Back with a bang

2019-11-05Charlie Red24:48 minutesBalloon
1047 Back with a bang 1
1047 Back with a bang 2
1047 Back with a bang 3
1047 Back with a bang 4

Charlie Red is back with a loud bang. With a lot of bang to be clear. This is a requested clip by Dennis. Charlie finds herself in a room full of medium filled balloons of different sizes. She squeezes and tortures them as much as possible, using her fingernails, until they finally pop.

1004 Balloon massacre XIX

2019-06-14Gabi Gold and Katja20:44 minutesBalloon
1004 Balloon massacre XIX 1
1004 Balloon massacre XIX 2
1004 Balloon massacre XIX 3
1004 Balloon massacre XIX 4

Gabi Gold and Katja are having a balloon massacre. 

Tags: masspop

980 Czech masspop

2019-03-22Katie Dee and Vinna Reed16:25 minutesBalloon
980 Czech masspop 1
980 Czech masspop 2
980 Czech masspop 3
980 Czech masspop 4

Katie Dee and Vinna Reed are going crazy in this masspop scene. Only two balloons survive.

Tags: masspop

968 Balloon massacre XVIII

2019-02-08Licky Lex and Naomi Bennet13:03 minutesBalloon
968 Balloon massacre XVIII 1
968 Balloon massacre XVIII 2
968 Balloon massacre XVIII 3
968 Balloon massacre XVIII 4

Next episode of our beloved balloon massacre series features Naomi Bennet and Licky Lex going crazy. They have their room filled with a bunch of balloons already and are ready to go wild. They pop all the balloons in many different ways, feet stomping, booty sitting, finger nailing, you name it. But what about one balloon ride down at least? - But all balloons are closed with knots! - No prob for crafty Licky Lex, she opens one balloon so both girls can enjoy a big balloon ride down as well.

Tags: masspop

930 Code Red

2018-09-28Charlie Red and Foxy Sanie19:06 minutesBalloon
930 Code Red 1
930 Code Red 2
930 Code Red 3
930 Code Red 4

Our two red headed girls Foxy Sanie and Charlie Red are having a huge balloon massacre. A lot of balloons are getting popped with fingernails or by sitpopping. Only the biggest balloons will survive.

908 Amirah's 1st masspop

2018-07-13Amirah Adara14:35 minutesBalloon
908 Amirah's 1st masspop 1
908 Amirah's 1st masspop 2
908 Amirah's 1st masspop 3
908 Amirah's 1st masspop 4

This is Amirah's first masspopping scene. She's using her heels and fingernails mostly.

882 new girl: Charlie Red in The Hallway of Terror 1
882 new girl: Charlie Red in The Hallway of Terror 2

You find yourself in a dark hallway with Charlie Red and lots of balloons. But Charlie is not in the mood to play. She starts to pop the balloons immediately - leaving a real mess.

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