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1037 helium filled foil

2019-10-04Victoria Puppy4:10 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
1037 helium filled foil 1
1037 helium filled foil 2
1037 helium filled foil 3
1037 helium filled foil 4

Victoria is taking a walk with 3 shiny helium filled foil balloon hearts. She takes a seat and starts to play with the balloons. They are so wonderful stiff. Victoria puts one under her butt and starts to move her hips slowly. The balloon gets some small damage and the air goes out very slowly. She does the same thing with the other two balloons, but more a.g.g.r.e.s.s.i.v.e. She bounces with more power to make them pop loud. 

1028 helium pops

2019-09-06Victoria Puppy9:30 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
1028 helium pops 1
1028 helium pops 2
1028 helium pops 3
1028 helium pops 4

As you may have seen on our Instagram page Victoria went to her local balloon shop and bought a colorful bunch of helium filled balloons. We've been looking for a lonely place, where she can enjoy the balloons. After playing and posing with them, Victoria starts to tease the balloons with her fingernails until every balloon got popped.

998 bright as the stars

2019-05-24Foxy Sanie12:57 minutesBalloon
998 bright as the stars 1
998 bright as the stars 2
998 bright as the stars 3
998 bright as the stars 4

Foxy pops 9 colored helium-filled star-shaped foil balloons. She's using her fingernails on 7, does one sitpop and one bitepop.

979 Helium Mylar Massacre

2019-03-19Gabi Gold11:54 minutesBalloon, Blonde
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 1
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 2
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 3
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 4

Gabi Gold is popping 8 silver and golden mylar foil balloons. 

797 bottle of fun

2017-06-30Anina Silk and Rebecca Volpetti14:50 minutesBalloon
797 bottle of fun 1
797 bottle of fun 2

Rebecca and Anina have a full bottle of helium in her bedroom and they are about to have some fun with it.
First they inflate some balloons and let them rest at the ceiling and then they have some fun inhaling the helium themselves.
Then they're arguing about what to do with the balloons on the ceiling. All the balloons will face a bitter end.

Tags: helium

771 Jurassic pop

2017-04-04Rebecca Volpetti11:20 minutesBalloon
771 Jurassic pop 1
771 Jurassic pop 2

Rebecca pops 4 helium filled foil balloons, including one giant dinosaur.

/// These balloons were a gift from a fan, unfortunately some chambers of the dino were already damaged and couldn't be inflated.

735 lighter than air

2016-11-25Karol Lilien17:36 minutesBalloon
735 lighter than air 1
735 lighter than air 2

Karol is coming home with her blue helium filled balloon. That was the loosing part on her helium balloon bed. Now that her space is finally decorated, she can have a rest. Karol starts to touch herself, while admiring the wonderful balloons waving in the air. But that's not what she really needs now, she needs the tension of popping helium balloons.

Tags: helium

398 Up in the air

2014-02-02Karina5:00 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
398 Up in the air 1
398 Up in the air 2
398 Up in the air 3
398 Up in the air 4

Karina takes a walk in backyard with some helium filled balloons. Finally she releases the balloons into the sky.

Tags: helium
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