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1117 3rd of July

2020-07-03Pia July17:12 minutesBalloon
1117 3rd of July 1
1117 3rd of July 2
1117 3rd of July 3
1117 3rd of July 4

New german girl Pia July pops her first 3 balloons. They are 14" Belbal Crystal Soaps. The first one with fingernails and the second one by sitting and bouncing on it. The third ballon was supposed to get popped by blowing, but petit Pia is just not strong enough to do it (yet). So she does another sitpop. German spoken, english subtitles.

1116 B2P in Brandenburg

2020-06-29Gabi Gold9:07 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Outdoors
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 1
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 2
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 3
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 4

Gabi Gold lives in Berlin, but she was born and raised in Brandenburg, the rural region around the German capital. We brought her back, to do an b2p in the countryside. Disclaimer: No pieces of the balloon have been left in the nature. 

1115 Fantasy Fuck Justyne

2020-06-26Justyne10:09 minutesBalloon
1115 Fantasy Fuck Justyne 1
1115 Fantasy Fuck Justyne 2
1115 Fantasy Fuck Justyne 3
1115 Fantasy Fuck Justyne 4

Justyne wants to get fucked on that one big balloon. Since this is your long term dream coming true, you do as you're told. After some intense fucking, Justyne wants you to open the clip of the balloon under her butt, and fuck the air out of it. This makes you so horny, that you can't hold it any longer. But Justyne isn't satisfied yet. She puts that empty balloon around your dick and jerks it to get you hard again. Of course you don't disappoint her. And while she's blowing up one more balloon, you're fucking her to orgasm.


1112 Requested masspop with Justyne

2020-06-15Justyne28:03 minutesBalloon
1112 Requested masspop with Justyne 1
1112 Requested masspop with Justyne 2
1112 Requested masspop with Justyne 3
1112 Requested masspop with Justyne 4

Another edition of the fingernail-popping-masspop-show originally requested by Dennis. Starring this time: Justyne.

1111 new girl: Pia July

2020-06-12Pia July9:04 minutesBalloon
1111 new girl: Pia July 1
1111 new girl: Pia July 2
1111 new girl: Pia July 3
1111 new girl: Pia July 4

New german girl Pia July introduces herself with a nice in- and deflation scene, featuring our ClubSteffi 17" Tuftex logo balloon. German spoken, english subtitles (not visable in the preview).

1110 The humidity of Katja

2020-06-08Katja12:55 minutesBalloon
1110 The humidity of Katja 1
1110 The humidity of Katja 2
1110 The humidity of Katja 3
1110 The humidity of Katja 4

Katja is inflating one huge polka dot balloon by mouth and by ePump to achieve a clear look at the humidity in the balloon, coming from her breath. After showing off the drops, she deflates the balloon under her upper body.

1109 Milf Gives Fantasy Blowjob

2020-06-04Ramona10:10 minutesBalloon, Blow Job, Milf
1109 Milf Gives Fantasy Blowjob 1
1109 Milf Gives Fantasy Blowjob 2
1109 Milf Gives Fantasy Blowjob 3
1109 Milf Gives Fantasy Blowjob 4

Ramona is an original Milf and she wants to give head to you. But of course a balloon is involved in her kinky play. She's blowing your cock and the balloon in turns. She's taking your cock deepthroat until she ch0kes and tears start to run down her face. In the end she wants you to come for her. But that's only your job. She's deflating the balloon for your pleasure. German spoken, english subtitles (not available in the preview).

1108 She can breathe

2020-06-02Justyne4:46 minutesBalloon
1108 She can breathe 1
1108 She can breathe 2
1108 She can breathe 3
1108 She can breathe 4

Justyne is blowing up this beauty twice, before it explodes, driven by her breath.

1106 Fucking Huge

2020-05-26Justyne16:16 minutesBalloon
1106 Fucking Huge 1
1106 Fucking Huge 2
1106 Fucking Huge 3
1106 Fucking Huge 4

Justyne is about to pop one balloon under her butt using the electric pump. She starts to pump it up, but this balloon is fucking insane. It just won't pop. Justyne is absolutely fearless, but when her feet start to loose contact, she can't balance anymore. This round goes to the balloon. Justyne accepts her defeat.

1104 Stretched Boyfriend

2020-05-19Justyne9:21 minutesBalloon, Inflatables, Instruction
1104 Stretched Boyfriend 1
1104 Stretched Boyfriend 2
1104 Stretched Boyfriend 3
1104 Stretched Boyfriend 4

Justyne found your body inflation clips on your hardrive. Now you're in trouble. She's very upset, why you didn't share your secret desire with her. You should have said something, because she is quite into it. She is very curious about how that might feel. So she grabs one of your balloons, that you've been hiding and starts to blow it up. Then she puts it under her dress and really starts to enjoy that feeling. But she hasn't forgot your betrayal, you have to be punished somehow. The footpump comes in handy. She puts the hose in your mouth and wants you to go down on the pump, every time she blows into her second balloon. For so long, until the buttons from your stretched shirt might pop off. But she doesn't want to pop the balloon or you. She wants to hook you on a strap and take you out for dinner with her girls, so they can have a good laugh about you. 

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