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1117 3rd of July

2020-07-03Pia July17:12 minutesBalloon
1117 3rd of July 1
1117 3rd of July 2
1117 3rd of July 3
1117 3rd of July 4

New german girl Pia July pops her first 3 balloons. They are 14" Belbal Crystal Soaps. The first one with fingernails and the second one by sitting and bouncing on it. The third ballon was supposed to get popped by blowing, but petit Pia is just not strong enough to do it (yet). So she does another sitpop. German spoken, english subtitles.

1088 Almost hundred

2020-03-24Sofia Lee25:34 minutesBalloon
1088 Almost hundred  1
1088 Almost hundred  2
1088 Almost hundred  3
1088 Almost hundred  4

Here is another fingernail masspopping clip. Originally requested by Dennis. Sofia popps 89 balloons in 25 minutes.

1080 11" Qualatex Chrome

2020-02-25Katja5:38 minutesBalloon
1080 11" Qualatex Chrome 1
1080 11" Qualatex Chrome 2
1080 11" Qualatex Chrome 3
1080 11" Qualatex Chrome 4

Katja is testing the Qualatex Chrome 11" balloons. One b2p, one sitpop and one  gets popped by her fingernails.

1074 Fingernail masspop

2020-02-07Gabi Gold33:38 minutesBalloon, Blonde
1074 Fingernail masspop 1
1074 Fingernail masspop 2
1074 Fingernail masspop 3
1074 Fingernail masspop 4

Here is another fingernail masspopping clip. Originally requested by Dennis. The room is filled with more than 40 medium filled balloons, so Gabi can deeply push her finger nails into them, before they pop. 

1047 Back with a bang

2019-11-05Charlie Red24:48 minutesBalloon
1047 Back with a bang 1
1047 Back with a bang 2
1047 Back with a bang 3
1047 Back with a bang 4

Charlie Red is back with a loud bang. With a lot of bang to be clear. This is a requested clip by Dennis. Charlie finds herself in a room full of medium filled balloons of different sizes. She squeezes and tortures them as much as possible, using her fingernails, until they finally pop.

1045 Marilyn Sugar, Ghostbuster

2019-10-30Marilyn Sugar3:58 minutesBalloon
1045 Marilyn Sugar, Ghostbuster 1
1045 Marilyn Sugar, Ghostbuster 2
1045 Marilyn Sugar, Ghostbuster 3
1045 Marilyn Sugar, Ghostbuster 4

So there is this magic night, where ghosts apear on balloons? Don't worry, Marilyn is fighting the ghost balloon with her fingernails.

1039 Foxy Sanie RAW

2019-10-11Foxy Sanie10:00 minutesBalloon
1039 Foxy Sanie RAW 1
1039 Foxy Sanie RAW 2
1039 Foxy Sanie RAW 3
1039 Foxy Sanie RAW 4

No big lights, no fancy camera work, no storyline - just Foxy fingernailpopping a bunch of balloons, so natural.

1026 Gabi's spiky fingernails

2019-08-30Gabi Gold12:43 minutesBalloon
1026 Gabi's spiky fingernails 1
1026 Gabi's spiky fingernails 2
1026 Gabi's spiky fingernails 3
1026 Gabi's spiky fingernails 4

Gabi has already prepared a bunch of Belbal 14" balloons. 2 more balloons are getting inflated by her sweet mouth. An then she's goes right into action an pops all the balloons using her spiky fingernails. 

1003 Foxy's finger nail torture

2019-06-11Foxy Sanie9:39 minutesBalloon
1003 Foxy's finger nail torture 1
1003 Foxy's finger nail torture 2
1003 Foxy's finger nail torture 3
1003 Foxy's finger nail torture 4

Foxy Sanie is blowing up one pink 17" TufTex right in front of you, and as requested so many times, she's giving it a real hard time. She's poking and squeezing this balloons so hard, until the balloons is so tight, that it pops of her torture. 

928 Kiara does it almost

2018-09-21Kiara Strong6:10 minutesBalloon
928 Kiara does it almost 1
928 Kiara does it almost 2
928 Kiara does it almost 3
928 Kiara does it almost 4

Kiara is trying one sensual b2p. She comes pretty close but can't do the final breath. So she's using her fingernail to pop the balloon.

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