1033 Fantasy fuck with Victoria Puppy

2019-09-20 Victoria Puppy 6:13 minutes Balloon
1033 Fantasy fuck with Victoria Puppy 1
1033 Fantasy fuck with Victoria Puppy 2
1033 Fantasy fuck with Victoria Puppy 3
1033 Fantasy fuck with Victoria Puppy 4

Victoria Puppy is on top of a balloon and you're fucking her, while she's blowing up another balloon. Don't hesitate to grab her perfect boobs when she's asking for it. She pops her balloon as she's having her orgasm but you keep fucking her. And when you're cumming, you let the air out of the big balloon and watch Victoria slowly sinking down. 

1032 Nathaly is milking you

2019-09-17 Nathaly Cherie 9:06 minutes Balloon, Big boobs, Blonde
1032 Nathaly is milking you 1
1032 Nathaly is milking you 2
1032 Nathaly is milking you 3
1032 Nathaly is milking you 4

Nathaly is blowing up one yellow donut balloon just to make it wet for your dick. She encourages you to grab the same balloon at home, and do as she says. She's milking your cock using that balloon and even gives head a couple of times. While speaking some dirty words, Nathaly leads you to a countdown to cum. And because you did well, Nathaly takes a seat on the messy balloon and pops it with her fingernails.

1029 Happy Mouse

2019-09-10 Foxy Sanie and Gabi Gold 12:38 minutes Balloon
1029 Happy Mouse 1
1029 Happy Mouse 2
1029 Happy Mouse 3
1029 Happy Mouse 4

Well, this is in deed one happy mouse. Gabi is blowing it up by mouth, using a mouthpiece, and Foxy is riding it into shape. Then both girls take a seat on the mouse, and she pops very quickly.

1028 helium pops

2019-09-06 Victoria Puppy 9:30 minutes Balloon, Outdoors
1028 helium pops 1
1028 helium pops 2
1028 helium pops 3
1028 helium pops 4

As you may have seen on our Instagram page Victoria went to her local balloon shop and bought a colorful bunch of helium filled balloons. We've been looking for a lonely place, where she can enjoy the balloons. After playing and posing with them, Victoria starts to tease the balloons with her fingernails until every balloon got popped.

1027 Strap-on & pop it! 1
1027 Strap-on & pop it! 2
1027 Strap-on & pop it! 3
1027 Strap-on & pop it! 4

Foxy Sanie is wearing a strap on and gives you a smooth jerk off instruction. She's working the cock quite well and also the balloon. She's giving you a count down to cum or pop your balloon, whatever suits you ;-) maybe you can do both.

1025 Victoria Puppy is kinda kinky 1
1025 Victoria Puppy is kinda kinky 2
1025 Victoria Puppy is kinda kinky 3
1025 Victoria Puppy is kinda kinky 4

Are you feeling lonely when you're playing with your balloons? Do you miss another female voice sometimes? Here is Victoria Puppy, looking forward to loon with you, teasing you with sexy noises.

1024 Nathaly isn't scared

2019-08-23 Nathaly Cherie 6:58 minutes Balloon
1024 Nathaly isn't scared 1
1024 Nathaly isn't scared 2
1024 Nathaly isn't scared 3
1024 Nathaly isn't scared 4

Share the bed with Nathaly as she's blowing up one Heart printed Qualatex balloon. She's teasing and toying with you, talking about how scared you must be, and about how to pop this lovely balloon once it will be completely inflated. Nathaly is leading you to pop the balloon with her fingernails with a sexy countdown.