1209 Balloon6006 cigpop

2021-05-21Justyne3:25 minutesBalloon, Smoking, Outdoors
1209 Balloon6006 cigpop 1
1209 Balloon6006 cigpop 2
1209 Balloon6006 cigpop 3
1209 Balloon6006 cigpop 4

Justyne is enjoying a cigarette outdoors, while blowing up one of the printed 12" balloon by Balloon6006. And of course, the balloon gets popped by her cigarette.

985 white smoke

2019-04-09Gabi Gold7:10 minutesBalloon, Smoking
985 white smoke 1
985 white smoke 2
985 white smoke 3
985 white smoke 4

German Gabi Gold is smoking a cigarette and fills her translucent Unique 16" balloon with smoke. Finally she pops the balloon with the last embers.

Tags: cigpop

281 Cigarette in the park

2013-10-08Gina4:20 minutesBalloon, Smoking
281 Cigarette in the park 1
281 Cigarette in the park 2
281 Cigarette in the park 3
281 Cigarette in the park 4

Gina gives a brief interview right after her first shot and continues with a cig-pop.

Tags: cigpop
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