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983 Mr. See-Through

2019-04-02Sanny Luke9:18 minutesBalloon
983 Mr. See-Through 1
983 Mr. See-Through 2
983 Mr. See-Through 3
983 Mr. See-Through 4

Sanny Luke is taking care of one translucent Cattex doll. She's humping it for good and teases with her big natural boobs before she's riding the air out of it.

Tags: nonpop, cattex

964 Amirah & GL700

2019-01-25Amirah Adara9:45 minutesBalloon
964 Amirah & GL700 1
964 Amirah & GL700 2
964 Amirah & GL700 3
964 Amirah & GL700 4

Amirah Adara is taking on the Cattex GL700. The balloon is already inflated to the fun can start without waiting. Amirah starts to ride it, but she feels quickly that the balloon isn't tight enough yet. So she grabs the electric pump and put some more air in it. Now as the balloon has it's final shape, Amirah takes her top off and starts to tease the balloon with her boobs, while riding in cowgirl position. In the end Amirah turns on her belly and deflates the GL slowly.

894 55" for Foxy

2018-05-25Foxy Sanie12:45 minutesBalloon
894 55" for Foxy 1
894 55" for Foxy 2

Foxy has one orange 55" Cattex to play with. She's inflating it using her electric pump until it's soo big, that she has some trouble to get on it. After bouncing in different positions, she opens the clip and rides it down. But that's not the end. Foxy is riding down the 3 35" balloons from the background too.

Tags: nonpop, cattex

886 Kiara and the big ones

2018-04-27Kiara Strong11:34 minutesBalloon
886 Kiara and the big ones 1
886 Kiara and the big ones 2

Kiara Strong is riding 3 Cattex 35" balloons in this non-pop clip. She's bouncing on them in different positions before she opens the plastic clips and rides them down.

Tags: nonpop, cattex

883 Loonerworld Cattex 32" non-pop

2018-04-17Ramona10:07 minutesBalloon
883 Loonerworld Cattex 32" non-pop 1
883 Loonerworld Cattex 32" non-pop 2

Ramona is riding a black Loonerworld printed Cattex 32“ balloon in this non-pop clip.

Tags: nonpop, cattex
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