1030 Inflate me

2019-09-13 Foxy Sanie 6:04 minutes Balloon
1030 Inflate me 1
1030 Inflate me 2

Foxy Sanie is curious about how it would feel, to been blown up - with stretched clothes and a really big belly. She puts a balloon under her comfy pyjama and starts to blow. She's enjoying this feeling so much, that she lets the air out and blows it up again a couple of times. How big can she become? Foxy is blowing and blowing and her belly grows and grows. But then it pops - of course. But what would happen, when she puts that blowing tube right into her belly button?

888 Lola 1-on-1

2018-05-04 Lola 8:48 minutes Balloon
888 Lola 1-on-1 1
888 Lola 1-on-1 2

After she had seen my clip with Nathaly, Lola got jealous. She wanted to play with me too. And she came up with a scary idea.

First she’s blowing up one small balloon and puts it under my shirt.


Stuffed like this, I have to watch her doing a blow-to-pop. And of course, the balloon under my shirt gets popped too.

804 boyfriend or balloon? - REQUESTED

2017-07-25 Tequila 4:38 minutes Balloon
804 boyfriend or balloon? - REQUESTED 1
804 boyfriend or balloon? - REQUESTED 2

Tequila comes home late, but she has a surprise for her boyfriend. She's going to blow him, blow him up. Her boyfriend likes the way his blown up belly feels, but this won't last very long as Tequila keeps on blowing. 

705 never cheat again

2016-08-16 Angel Piaff 5:09 minutes Balloon
705 never cheat again 1
705 never cheat again 2

You are such an idiot! You have such an nice girl friend in Angel Piaff, but you had to cheat on her. Of course she found out that you were s.l.e.e.p.i.n.g. with her sister. Now she's mad as hell and wants to get rid of you. She decides to blow you up into pieces. She starts by mouth, but then she takes a long hose and keeps blowing until you're gone.

660 filling the air gaps

2016-03-15 Tequila 5:23 minutes Balloon
660 filling the air gaps 1
660 filling the air gaps 2

Tequila is very upset. How did you escape out of your cage, slave? She f.o.r.c.e.s. you to crawl back into your small dark prison and starts to fill it will balloons until you are tightly fixed.But there are still some air gaps. To fill those gapes, Tequila has a cruel idea.The last balloon to be blown up, is you.

637 blow me up, Tequila

2015-12-29 Tequila 2:27 minutes Balloon
637 blow me up, Tequila 1
637 blow me up, Tequila 2

Tequila is very disappointed by you. You never bring her gifts or take her out to dinner. Now she's through with you. She's going to blow you up.

622 Nightmare for Steffi

2015-11-13 Alex, Melly, and Steffi 6:31 minutes Balloon
622 Nightmare for Steffi 1
622 Nightmare for Steffi 2

Playing with balloons that much like Steffi does, can lead to terrible nightmares sometimes.Steffi's going to have one.

557 First your girlfriend, now you!

2015-04-03 Lola and Melly 4:24 minutes Balloon
557 First your girlfriend, now you! 1
557 First your girlfriend, now you! 2

You're coming home to your girlfriend Lola, but what happened to her belly? Melly visited and blew Lola belly up.And now they are after you! They are inflating you in turns while making fun of you. Will they stop blowing you up before you explode?

534 caught in the act POV

2015-01-13 Tequila 4:41 minutes Balloon
534 caught in the act POV 1
534 caught in the act POV 2

Mistress Tequila is secretly pumping up one balloon using her foot pump. You're watching her from behind the curtain 'til that balloon pops. Sadly you didn't hide good enough. Tequila caught you in the act and and now it's you being pumped up 'til you pops.

528 blow me up, Lola

2014-12-23 Lola 4:08 minutes Balloon
528 blow me up, Lola 1
528 blow me up, Lola 2

Feliz Navidad! And Lola is going to blow you up! SPANISH SPOKEN