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1127 Sofia Lee b2p

2020-08-07Sofia Lee11:22 minutesBalloon
1127 Sofia Lee b2p 1
1127 Sofia Lee b2p 2
1127 Sofia Lee b2p 3
1127 Sofia Lee b2p 4

Sofia is riding an Loonerworld GL balloon while doing an b2p.

Tags: b2p

1125 under the bridge V

2020-07-31Gabi Gold10:20 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
1125 under the bridge V 1
1125 under the bridge V 2
1125 under the bridge V 3
1125 under the bridge V 4

It's time for new episode of our highly anticipated "under the bridge" series. This time it's Gabi, looking around in Brandenburg, to find a bridge over the river Spree. Well, that's not the hardest task. But blow-to-popping this 14" BelBal crystal soap balloon sure is. How loud will it be? An which uninvited guests will be witnesses of that scenario?

1123 Pia July B2P

2020-07-24Pia July6:13 minutesBalloon
1123 Pia July B2P 1
1123 Pia July B2P 2
1123 Pia July B2P 3
1123 Pia July B2P 4

Pia July with her first blow-to-pop using a Unique 16" balloon.

1121 straight b2p

2020-07-17Ramona6:02 minutesBalloon
1121 straight b2p 1
1121 straight b2p 2
1121 straight b2p 3
1121 straight b2p 4

This is Ramona, performing an straigt b2p.

1116 B2P in Brandenburg

2020-06-29Gabi Gold9:07 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Outdoors
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 1
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 2
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 3
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 4

Gabi Gold lives in Berlin, but she was born and raised in Brandenburg, the rural region around the German capital. We brought her back, to do an b2p in the countryside. Disclaimer: No pieces of the balloon have been left in the nature. 

1113 Victoria Puppy B2P

2020-06-19Victoria Puppy9:32 minutesBalloon
1113 Victoria Puppy B2P 1
1113 Victoria Puppy B2P 2
1113 Victoria Puppy B2P 3
1113 Victoria Puppy B2P 4

Victoria Puppy does an blow-2-pop.

1108 She can breathe

2020-06-02Justyne4:46 minutesBalloon
1108 She can breathe 1
1108 She can breathe 2
1108 She can breathe 3
1108 She can breathe 4

Justyne is blowing up this beauty twice, before it explodes, driven by her breath.

1102 B2P break

2020-05-12Justyne5:37 minutesBalloon
1102 B2P break 1
1102 B2P break 2
1102 B2P break 3
1102 B2P break 4

Justyne is in the office, editing one of her clips. But you came just in time for a break. A balloon break. 

1093 B2P with some Sugar

2020-04-10Marilyn Sugar6:33 minutesBalloon
1093 B2P with some Sugar 1
1093 B2P with some Sugar 2
1093 B2P with some Sugar 3
1093 B2P with some Sugar 4

Here is sweet teen Marilyn Sugar, doing an full blown b2p.

Tags: b2p

1087 Antonia B2P POV

2020-03-20Antonia Sainz7:23 minutesBalloon
1087 Antonia B2P POV 1
1087 Antonia B2P POV 2
1087 Antonia B2P POV 3
1087 Antonia B2P POV 4

Antonia is blowing up one balloon right in front of you. She's blowing it up one time and lets the air out, then for the second time, and then she takes her bra off, before blowing it up for the third time - until it pops.

Tags: pov, b2p
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