1209 Balloon6006 cigpop

2021-05-21Justyne3:25 minutesBalloon, Smoking, Outdoors
1209 Balloon6006 cigpop 1
1209 Balloon6006 cigpop 2
1209 Balloon6006 cigpop 3
1209 Balloon6006 cigpop 4

Justyne is enjoying a cigarette outdoors, while blowing up one of the printed 12" balloon by Balloon6006. And of course, the balloon gets popped by her cigarette.

1198 whole lotta smoke

2021-04-12Justyne13:24 minutesBalloon, Smoking
1198 whole lotta smoke 1
1198 whole lotta smoke 2
1198 whole lotta smoke 3
1198 whole lotta smoke 4

Justyne is filling a clear 17" TufTex ClubSteffi logo balloon with the smoke of two cigarettes until the balloon explodes in her hands.

1148 Smoking! Justyne!

2020-10-19Justyne8:55 minutesBalloon, Smoking
1148 Smoking! Justyne! 1
1148 Smoking! Justyne! 2
1148 Smoking! Justyne! 3
1148 Smoking! Justyne! 4

Justyne at her best. Smoking, teasing, mindblowing. Popping 7 balloons with her cigarette incl. Kiss of d....

1138 Wildfire

2020-09-14Gabi Gold12:13 minutesBalloon, Smoking
1138 Wildfire 1
1138 Wildfire 2
1138 Wildfire 3
1138 Wildfire 4

Gabi enjoys a balloon and a cigarette. What a dangerous combination. 

1122 Balloonplay? Justyne is not amused

2020-07-20Justyne24:37 minutesBalloon, Smoking
1122 Balloonplay? Justyne is not amused 1
1122 Balloonplay? Justyne is not amused 2
1122 Balloonplay? Justyne is not amused 3
1122 Balloonplay? Justyne is not amused 4

So, you just couldn't listen to her. You played with your balloons again and Justyne caught you right in the act. She is fucking mad and starts to pop all of your balloons using a pump, her fingernails and a cigarette.

1094 Inhale, exhale

2020-04-14Justyne10:33 minutesBalloon, Smoking
1094 Inhale, exhale 1
1094 Inhale, exhale 2
1094 Inhale, exhale 3
1094 Inhale, exhale 4

Smoking Justyne is finally back, to present some new smoking-balloon-clips. In this one, she inflates a 14" Belbal balloon with the smoke from two cigarettes. And because she like smoke running through her lungs so much, she inhales the smoke back from the balloon, until it's empty again.

Tags: nonpop

997 Hellfire

2019-05-21Gabi Gold10:00 minutesBalloon, Smoking
997 Hellfire 1
997 Hellfire 2
997 Hellfire 3
997 Hellfire 4

Gabi has 20 14" pearl balloons prepared for her smoking session. She lights her first cigarette and starts to tease the balloons with the white smoke. She pops 11 balloons very slowly and seductive. After she's finished the first cigarette she lights another one and goes on with popping balloons. The last 9 balloons are getting popped very very quickly one after another.

985 white smoke

2019-04-09Gabi Gold7:10 minutesBalloon, Smoking
985 white smoke 1
985 white smoke 2
985 white smoke 3
985 white smoke 4

German Gabi Gold is smoking a cigarette and fills her translucent Unique 16" balloon with smoke. Finally she pops the balloon with the last embers.

Tags: cigpop

884 smoke break

2018-04-20Nathaly Cherie and Victoria Puppy9:34 minutesBalloon, Smoking
884 smoke break 1
884 smoke break 2

Nathaly and Victoria are having a smoke break. Both girls inflate their transparent Unique 16“ balloons with smoke from their lungs,
before they pop them with the last embers of their cigarettes.

874 last drag

2018-03-20Tequila8:19 minutesBalloon, Smoking
874 last drag 1
874 last drag 2

Tequila is giving up smoking but of course she's doing one last cigpop clip. 

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