1175 something special

2021-01-22Justyne4:23 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
1175 something special 1
1175 something special 2
1175 something special 3
1175 something special 4

Justyne is blow-to-popping a very special asian printed "Kasumi" balloon (BB12").

1165 Ahhh summer

2020-12-18Gabi Gold12:21 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
1165 Ahhh summer 1
1165 Ahhh summer 2
1165 Ahhh summer 3
1165 Ahhh summer 4

Here is an outdoor blow-to-pop by Gabi Gold, to remind you of warmer days.

1149 environmentally friendly

2020-10-23Gabi Gold10:01 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
1149 environmentally friendly 1
1149 environmentally friendly 2
1149 environmentally friendly 3
1149 environmentally friendly 4

Gabi enjoys being in the nature so much, she doesn't want any disturbance there. So she won't pop this polka-dot balloon after blowing it up and just release the air slightly.

1125 under the bridge V

2020-07-31Gabi Gold10:20 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
1125 under the bridge V 1
1125 under the bridge V 2
1125 under the bridge V 3
1125 under the bridge V 4

It's time for new episode of our highly anticipated "under the bridge" series. This time it's Gabi, looking around in Brandenburg, to find a bridge over the river Spree. Well, that's not the hardest task. But blow-to-popping this 14" BelBal crystal soap balloon sure is. How loud will it be? An which uninvited guests will be witnesses of that scenario?

1116 B2P in Brandenburg

2020-06-29Gabi Gold9:07 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Outdoors
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 1
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 2
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 3
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 4

Gabi Gold lives in Berlin, but she was born and raised in Brandenburg, the rural region around the German capital. We brought her back, to do an b2p in the countryside. Disclaimer: No pieces of the balloon have been left in the nature. 

1069 Greta would love this

2020-01-21Victoria Puppy4:40 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
1069 Greta would love this 1
1069 Greta would love this 2
1069 Greta would love this 3
1069 Greta would love this 4

Watch Victoria Puppy doing one nice and smooth blow-to-pop outdoors by the river. And of course she's environmentally cautious and collects all the leftover pieces and puts them into her pocket.

Tags: b2p

1056 under the bridge IV

2019-12-06Victoria Puppy5:04 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
1056 under the bridge IV 1
1056 under the bridge IV 2
1056 under the bridge IV 3
1056 under the bridge IV 4

This is Victoria Puppy bringing another Qualatex riddle balloon to it's maximum and fingernail pops it und a huge bridge. Let's see how loud it will bang.

1049 BelBal 14" Outdoors

2019-11-12Victoria Puppy6:13 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
1049 BelBal 14" Outdoors 1
1049 BelBal 14" Outdoors 2
1049 BelBal 14" Outdoors 3
1049 BelBal 14" Outdoors 4

Victoria is blowing up one pink 14" Belbal balloon until it reaches it's maximum. Then she starts to torture the neck a little and pops it with her fingernails.

1037 helium filled foil

2019-10-04Victoria Puppy4:10 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
1037 helium filled foil 1
1037 helium filled foil 2
1037 helium filled foil 3
1037 helium filled foil 4

Victoria is taking a walk with 3 shiny helium filled foil balloon hearts. She takes a seat and starts to play with the balloons. They are so wonderful stiff. Victoria puts one under her butt and starts to move her hips slowly. The balloon gets some small damage and the air goes out very slowly. She does the same thing with the other two balloons, but more a.g.g.r.e.s.s.i.v.e. She bounces with more power to make them pop loud. 

1028 helium pops

2019-09-06Victoria Puppy9:30 minutesBalloon, Outdoors
1028 helium pops 1
1028 helium pops 2
1028 helium pops 3
1028 helium pops 4

As you may have seen on our Instagram page Victoria went to her local balloon shop and bought a colorful bunch of helium filled balloons. We've been looking for a lonely place, where she can enjoy the balloons. After playing and posing with them, Victoria starts to tease the balloons with her fingernails until every balloon got popped.

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