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1089 10 toes vs. 14" Belbal

2020-03-27Katja10:34 minutesBalloon, Foot Fetish
1089 10 toes vs. 14" Belbal 1
1089 10 toes vs. 14" Belbal 2
1089 10 toes vs. 14" Belbal 3
1089 10 toes vs. 14" Belbal 4

Katja is putting her feet on a bunch of BelBal 14"ers.

1084 bare soles

2020-03-10Victoria Puppy18:31 minutesBalloon, Foot Fetish
1084 bare soles 1
1084 bare soles 2
1084 bare soles 3
1084 bare soles 4

Victoria Puppy is teasing a couple of balloons with her bare soles. First she inflates one 14" Belbal by mouth and then pushes the air out under her feet, then she squeezes the air out of some 17" balloons incl. the all new ClubSteffi logo balloon. And finally she puts her feet on the big one.

Tags: nonpop

1042 Victoria's Footjob

2019-10-22Victoria Puppy8:37 minutesBalloon, Foot Fetish, Footjob
1042 Victoria's Footjob 1
1042 Victoria's Footjob 2
1042 Victoria's Footjob 3
1042 Victoria's Footjob 4

Ever thought about a girl, teasing your cock with her bare feet while blowing up a balloon? Here is Victoria fulfilling your fantasy. It ends with Victoria pushing the air out of that red 16" Unique balloon under her bare soles.

Tags: nonpop
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