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924 Harsh Punishment

2018-09-07Amirah Adara10:55 minutesBalloon, Female Domination
924 Harsh Punishment 1
924 Harsh Punishment 2
924 Harsh Punishment 3
924 Harsh Punishment 4

David has started to play with Amirah's balloons without her. And boy, that was quite an mistake. Amirah walks in super mad. David has to be punished for his misbehaviour. Amirah is teasing him with her divine body, rolling and bouncing on the balloons, so David can't hold his hands under control. And that's his second mistake. Amirah's punishment is harsh.

156 Cigpop Punishment

2013-06-05Eve Dynamite and Karina13:51 minutesBalloon, Female Domination, Smoking
156 Cigpop Punishment 1
156 Cigpop Punishment 2
156 Cigpop Punishment 3
156 Cigpop Punishment 4

Karina plays and pops some balloons with her finger nails and by sitting on them. Eve doesn't like that at all. So she puts Karinain an balloon filled cage and starts to cigpop the balloons.

096 Female Looner Domination

2013-04-06Justyne10:19 minutesBalloon, Female Domination, Femdom
096 Female Looner Domination 1
096 Female Looner Domination 2
096 Female Looner Domination 3
096 Female Looner Domination 4

Justyne and David are making out on the bed. Of course, Justyne knows about his fetish. She takes four ropes and ties him up. After David is completely fixed and unable to move, Justynechanges her outfit and brings some balloons to play with. She teases David by pressing the balloons in his face by many different ways and pops the most with a cigarette. She even spits at him and slaps his face. It's a very dominating and humiliating scene. GERMAN SPOKEN.

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