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1116 B2P in Brandenburg

2020-06-29Gabi Gold9:07 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Outdoors
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 1
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 2
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 3
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 4

Gabi Gold lives in Berlin, but she was born and raised in Brandenburg, the rural region around the German capital. We brought her back, to do an b2p in the countryside. Disclaimer: No pieces of the balloon have been left in the nature. 

1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop

2020-05-22Marilyn Sugar34:49 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Teen
1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop 1
1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop 2
1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop 3
1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop 4

This time it's Marilyn who was picked by Dennis for his request. Marilyn is surround by a crazy amount of different medium-filled ballons, which she pops only with her finger nails.

Tags: masspop

1076 Bombshell

2020-02-11Nathaly Cherie9:00 minutesBalloon, Big boobs, Blonde
1076 Bombshell 1
1076 Bombshell 2
1076 Bombshell 3
1076 Bombshell 4

Nathaly is here to tease your lap with her huge boobs and, of course, a nice balloon. And surprisingly, Nathaly brought a new tool. A medical plastic mouth piece - to help her doing a b2p just right. 

Tags: b2p, pov

1074 Fingernail masspop

2020-02-07Gabi Gold33:38 minutesBalloon, Blonde
1074 Fingernail masspop 1
1074 Fingernail masspop 2
1074 Fingernail masspop 3
1074 Fingernail masspop 4

Here is another fingernail masspopping clip. Originally requested by Dennis. The room is filled with more than 40 medium filled balloons, so Gabi can deeply push her finger nails into them, before they pop. 

1073 Fantasy fuck with Marilyn Sugar

2020-02-04Marilyn Sugar11:54 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Teen
1073 Fantasy fuck with Marilyn Sugar 1
1073 Fantasy fuck with Marilyn Sugar 2
1073 Fantasy fuck with Marilyn Sugar 3
1073 Fantasy fuck with Marilyn Sugar 4

Marilyn Sugar is back to get laid. But this time, she's laying on a huge pink pastell Belbal balloon and blow's up two 14" balloons. She pops the first 14"er to tease you, and the second one when she's having her orgasm. This time she wants you to come inside her. The huge balloon survives. 

Tags: pov, creampie
1065  Fantasy fuck with Marilyn Sugar - nonpop 1
1065  Fantasy fuck with Marilyn Sugar - nonpop 2
1065  Fantasy fuck with Marilyn Sugar - nonpop 3
1065  Fantasy fuck with Marilyn Sugar - nonpop 4

Marilyn is coming over to get laid. She's enjoying the dick in her pussy and the balloons on the bed, but you just can't stand that sight. You push her balloon away and stuff another one in her mouth to blow it up for your pleasure. This is turning you on so much, that you fuck her even harder when the neck of the balloon starts to stretch out. But when she's coming on your dick, she just can't hold it anymore and let it fly.

Tags: nonpop, pov

1064 boob-tease for nonpoppers

2020-01-03Nathaly Cherie9:15 minutesBalloon, Big boobs, Blonde
1064 boob-tease for nonpoppers 1
1064 boob-tease for nonpoppers 2
1064 boob-tease for nonpoppers 3
1064 boob-tease for nonpoppers 4

Wasn't that a great bang at new years eve? So we better start without popping into the new century. Big boobed Nathaly is wearing a spandex leggins and a t-shirt when she starts to ride the first balloon. She's teasing your eye with her t-shirt pulled over her huge boobs when riding the second balloon. And she takes her t-shirt off on the third. Enjoy these gorgeous rounds.

Tags: nonpop

1060 Merry Christmas

2019-12-20Gabi Gold7:02 minutesBalloon, Blonde
1060 Merry Christmas 1
1060 Merry Christmas 2
1060 Merry Christmas 3
1060 Merry Christmas 4

Merry Christmas from german blonde Gabi Gold! She's blow-to-poppin' a red christmas balloon and pops two more of her christmas decoration with her fingernails. But not more, because Christmas eve is yet to come.

1052 Cattex Longneck nonpop

2019-11-22Marilyn Sugar9:24 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Teen
1052 Cattex Longneck nonpop 1
1052 Cattex Longneck nonpop 2
1052 Cattex Longneck nonpop 3
1052 Cattex Longneck nonpop 4

Sweet cutie Marilyn has put on some shiny skin tone pantyhose and rides one translucent Cattex longneck. Incl. deflation.

Tags: nonpop

1043 pink sitpops

2019-10-25Nathaly Cherie12:38 minutesBalloon, Big boobs, Blonde
1043 pink sitpops 1
1043 pink sitpops 2
1043 pink sitpops 3
1043 pink sitpops 4

Nathaly Cherie is in for some sitpops. She's wearing a beautiful bra and Freddy jeans. She starts to blow up one pink 14" Belbal balloon by mouth and gives it a good ride until the neck stretches out. Then she makes a knot and puts it to the other preinflated Belbal balloons on her bed. Now she's eager to pop all of them. In total she sitpops 8 balloons. But what is she doing to the only big balloon around?

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