1106 Fucking Huge

2020-05-26Justyne16:16 minutesBalloon
1106 Fucking Huge 1
1106 Fucking Huge 2
1106 Fucking Huge 3
1106 Fucking Huge 4

Justyne is about to pop one balloon under her butt using the electric pump. She starts to pump it up, but this balloon is fucking insane. It just won't pop. Justyne is absolutely fearless, but when her feet start to loose contact, she can't balance anymore. This round goes to the balloon. Justyne accepts her defeat.

1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop

2020-05-22Marilyn Sugar34:49 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Teen
1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop 1
1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop 2
1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop 3
1105 Marilyn Sugar Masspop 4

This time it's Marilyn who was picked by Dennis for his request. Marilyn is surround by a crazy amount of different medium-filled ballons, which she pops only with her finger nails.

Tags: masspop

1104 Stretched Boyfriend

2020-05-19Justyne9:21 minutesBalloon, Inflatables, Instruction
1104 Stretched Boyfriend 1
1104 Stretched Boyfriend 2
1104 Stretched Boyfriend 3
1104 Stretched Boyfriend 4

Justyne found your body inflation clips on your hardrive. Now you're in trouble. She's very upset, why you didn't share your secret desire with her. You should have said something, because she is quite into it. She is very curious about how that might feel. So she grabs one of your balloons, that you've been hiding and starts to blow it up. Then she puts it under her dress and really starts to enjoy that feeling. But she hasn't forgot your betrayal, you have to be punished somehow. The footpump comes in handy. She puts the hose in your mouth and wants you to go down on the pump, every time she blows into her second balloon. For so long, until the buttons from your stretched shirt might pop off. But she doesn't want to pop the balloon or you. She wants to hook you on a strap and take you out for dinner with her girls, so they can have a good laugh about you. 

1103 Antonia's boob show

2020-05-15Antonia Sainz9:49 minutesBalloon
1103 Antonia's boob show 1
1103 Antonia's boob show 2
1103 Antonia's boob show 3
1103 Antonia's boob show 4

Antonia is blowing up one 16" Qualatex polka dot balloon, right between your legs. While you are admiring her cleavage, she's in- and deflating the balloon a couple of times. Finally she takes of her bra off and you can enjoy her big round natural breasts. She's pressing them against your lap, against the balloon and the balloon against your lap. What a great sight, when she's deflating the balloon from fully neck stretched to completely empty.

Tags: pov, nonpop

1102 B2P break

2020-05-12Justyne5:37 minutesBalloon
1102 B2P break 1
1102 B2P break 2
1102 B2P break 3
1102 B2P break 4

Justyne is in the office, editing one of her clips. But you came just in time for a break. A balloon break. 

1101 3 x 36 = 108

2020-05-08Sofia Lee10:12 minutesBalloon
1101 3 x 36 = 108 1
1101 3 x 36 = 108 2
1101 3 x 36 = 108 3
1101 3 x 36 = 108 4

Sofia Lee is surrounded by 3 Qualatex 36" balloons in different colours and prints. She rides them good and deflates them using her body weight.

1100 Fantasy Handjob

2020-05-05Justyne10:59 minutesBalloon, Handjob, Toys
1100 Fantasy Handjob 1
1100 Fantasy Handjob 2
1100 Fantasy Handjob 3
1100 Fantasy Handjob 4

Imagine coming home and catching your girlfriend right in the act of blowing up balloons. Sounds great? Well then imagine it would be Justyne and the balloon a donut one. Guess what kinky Justyne would do next? 

1099 B2P just for you

2020-05-01Katja8:54 minutesBalloon
1099 B2P just for you 1
1099 B2P just for you 2
1099 B2P just for you 3
1099 B2P just for you 4

Katja has the camera on a tripod and is all alone in the room. Perfect time for a private blow2pop for you.

1098 Do me long, longneck

2020-04-28Victoria Puppy10:10 minutesBalloon
1098 Do me long, longneck 1
1098 Do me long, longneck 2
1098 Do me long, longneck 3
1098 Do me long, longneck 4

Victoria Puppy is riding the Cattex longneck down.

Tags: nonpop

1097 Spit Show

2020-04-24Justyne16:48 minutesBalloon
1097 Spit Show 1
1097 Spit Show 2
1097 Spit Show 3
1097 Spit Show 4

We have done this clip a couple of times - and still it gets requested. I think, this time we've nailed it. Justyne is blowing up one transparent balloon a couple of times, until you can see a puddle of spit in the balloon, accumulated just by the moist from her breath. 

Tags: nonpop