1124 Requested masspop with Katja

2020-07-27Katja30:16 minutesBalloon
1124 Requested masspop with Katja 1
1124 Requested masspop with Katja 2
1124 Requested masspop with Katja 3
1124 Requested masspop with Katja 4

Another edition of the fingernail-popping-masspop-show originally requested by Dennis. Starring this time: Katja.

1123 Pia July B2P

2020-07-24Pia July6:13 minutesBalloon
1123 Pia July B2P 1
1123 Pia July B2P 2
1123 Pia July B2P 3
1123 Pia July B2P 4

Pia July with her first blow-to-pop using a Unique 16" balloon.

1122 Balloonplay? Justyne is not amused

2020-07-20Justyne24:37 minutesBalloon, Smoking
1122 Balloonplay? Justyne is not amused 1
1122 Balloonplay? Justyne is not amused 2
1122 Balloonplay? Justyne is not amused 3
1122 Balloonplay? Justyne is not amused 4

So, you just couldn't listen to her. You played with your balloons again and Justyne caught you right in the act. She is fucking mad and starts to pop all of your balloons using a pump, her fingernails and a cigarette.

1121 straight b2p

2020-07-17Ramona6:02 minutesBalloon
1121 straight b2p 1
1121 straight b2p 2
1121 straight b2p 3
1121 straight b2p 4

This is Ramona, performing an straigt b2p.

1120 sneaker socks

2020-07-13Victoria Puppy13:02 minutesBalloon
1120 sneaker socks 1
1120 sneaker socks 2
1120 sneaker socks 3
1120 sneaker socks 4

As requested, Victoria Puppy is about to put her sneaker socks on some balloons. She brought her rose, white and black ones to play with the balloons and even pop some of them.

Tags: socks

1119 Sofia Lee 1-on-1

2020-07-10Sofia Lee8:50 minutesBalloon
1119 Sofia Lee 1-on-1 1
1119 Sofia Lee 1-on-1 2
1119 Sofia Lee 1-on-1 3
1119 Sofia Lee 1-on-1 4

Sofia Lee is in bed with David and she treats him very well. She blows up one balloon right in front of him, puts the balloon in his lap and rides it and even checks, what's going on in his pants. She allows him even to blow the balloon a couple of times. As a surprise she takes her bra off and uses her boobs to squeeze the air out of it.

1118 Justyne LOVS BLNS

2020-07-06Justyne5:55 minutesBalloon
1118 Justyne LOVS BLNS 1
1118 Justyne LOVS BLNS 2
1118 Justyne LOVS BLNS 3
1118 Justyne LOVS BLNS 4

Justyne just loves to bring small 14" balloons to their maximum, stretch their necks and then release the air. Watch her doing so, with 3 "LOVE BLNS" printed balloons.

1117 3rd of July

2020-07-03Pia July17:12 minutesBalloon
1117 3rd of July 1
1117 3rd of July 2
1117 3rd of July 3
1117 3rd of July 4

New german girl Pia July pops her first 3 balloons. They are 14" Belbal Crystal Soaps. The first one with fingernails and the second one by sitting and bouncing on it. The third ballon was supposed to get popped by blowing, but petit Pia is just not strong enough to do it (yet). So she does another sitpop. German spoken, english subtitles.

1116 B2P in Brandenburg

2020-06-29Gabi Gold9:07 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Outdoors
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 1
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 2
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 3
1116 B2P in Brandenburg 4

Gabi Gold lives in Berlin, but she was born and raised in Brandenburg, the rural region around the German capital. We brought her back, to do an b2p in the countryside. Disclaimer: No pieces of the balloon have been left in the nature. 

1115 Fantasy Fuck Justyne

2020-06-26Justyne10:09 minutesBalloon
1115 Fantasy Fuck Justyne 1
1115 Fantasy Fuck Justyne 2
1115 Fantasy Fuck Justyne 3
1115 Fantasy Fuck Justyne 4

Justyne wants to get fucked on that one big balloon. Since this is your long term dream coming true, you do as you're told. After some intense fucking, Justyne wants you to open the clip of the balloon under her butt, and fuck the air out of it. This makes you so horny, that you can't hold it any longer. But Justyne isn't satisfied yet. She puts that empty balloon around your dick and jerks it to get you hard again. Of course you don't disappoint her. And while she's blowing up one more balloon, you're fucking her to orgasm.