131 Black balloons and one cigarette

2013-05-11Karina4:13 minutesBalloon, Smoking
131 Black balloons and one cigarette 1
131 Black balloons and one cigarette 2
131 Black balloons and one cigarette 3
131 Black balloons and one cigarette 4

Karina enjoys a cigarette and cig-pops many black balloons.

120 Karinas unexpected pop

2013-04-30Karina5:36 minutesBalloon, Smoking
120 Karinas unexpected pop 1
120 Karinas unexpected pop 2
120 Karinas unexpected pop 3
120 Karinas unexpected pop 4

Karina smokes a cigarette and fills this balloons with smoke. She tries to do a b2p, but gets an unexpected pop at the end.

119 Ashley doing cigpops

2013-04-29Ashley5:05 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Smoking
119 Ashley doing cigpops 1
119 Ashley doing cigpops 2
119 Ashley doing cigpops 3
119 Ashley doing cigpops 4

Watch Ashley bouncing and cig popping many different balloons.

110 X-Mas balloon popping

2013-04-20Ashley8:03 minutesBalloon, Smoking
110 X-Mas balloon popping 1
110 X-Mas balloon popping 2
110 X-Mas balloon popping 3
110 X-Mas balloon popping 4

Finally it's december and Ashley can't wait to unwrap at least one present. What did she get? Cigarettes of course and naughty that she is, she starts to pop the balloon decoration. Thanks Danny for sending the balloons.

107 Nathalie on the search

2013-04-17Nathalie3:57 minutesBalloon, Smoking
107 Nathalie on the search 1
107 Nathalie on the search 2
107 Nathalie on the search 3
107 Nathalie on the search 4

Nathalie is just walking around, looking for some action. She knows, some balloons must be there. Finally she find them, lights a cigarette and there she got her action.

098 Just smoking

2013-04-08Justyne5:07 minutesBalloon, Smoking
098 Just smoking 1
098 Just smoking 2
098 Just smoking 3
098 Just smoking 4

Justyne is smoking a cigarette, laying on bed with balloons in the background. Just let your mind flow what she could do with them, while you're watching this clip.

Tags: nonpop

092 4 Cigpops

2013-04-02Eve Dynamite9:10 minutesBalloon, Smoking
092 4 Cigpops 1
092 4 Cigpops 2
092 4 Cigpops 3
092 4 Cigpops 4

Eve starts smoking and is filling a crystal balloon with air and smoke. Then she cigpops 3 green balloons very slow and sensual. Finally she lits another cigarette and pops the crystal balloon.

089 Balloon Massacre IX

2013-03-30Ashley14:50 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Smoking
089 Balloon Massacre IX 1
089 Balloon Massacre IX 2
089 Balloon Massacre IX 3
089 Balloon Massacre IX 4

Ashley walks in, wearing tight Jeans, white shirt and black boots. She takes place on a balloon and starts smoking an cigarette. After she sitpops the first balloon, she starts blowing up some other balloons and is filling them with air and smoke. After 9 minutes she starts to cigpop them slowly and sensual. Finally she climbs the big one and even pop it with her cigarette.

080 Hot chair

2013-03-21Ashley6:50 minutesBalloon, Nylon, Smoking
080 Hot chair 1
080 Hot chair 2
080 Hot chair 3
080 Hot chair 4

Watch Ashley sitting on an office chair with a red balloon under her silky pantyhose butt. She enjoys an EVE 120 cigarette while watching her own video. After smoking she gives you the full butt-show on that balloon. Finally she pops the balloon under her butt with her finger nails.

074 Balloon Massacre VII

2013-03-15Ashley6:47 minutesBalloon, Smoking
074 Balloon Massacre VII 1
074 Balloon Massacre VII 2
074 Balloon Massacre VII 3
074 Balloon Massacre VII 4

Here comes the August 2010 Edition of Balloon Massacre: Ashley is smoking an EVE 120 and cigpop all the balloons. Finally a Rifco GL700