1088 Almost hundred

2020-03-24Sofia Lee25:34 minutesBalloon
1088 Almost hundred  1
1088 Almost hundred  2
1088 Almost hundred  3
1088 Almost hundred  4

Here is another fingernail masspopping clip. Originally requested by Dennis. Sofia popps 89 balloons in 25 minutes.

1087 Antonia B2P POV

2020-03-20Antonia Sainz7:23 minutesBalloon
1087 Antonia B2P POV 1
1087 Antonia B2P POV 2
1087 Antonia B2P POV 3
1087 Antonia B2P POV 4

Antonia is blowing up one balloon right in front of you. She's blowing it up one time and lets the air out, then for the second time, and then she takes her bra off, before blowing it up for the third time - until it pops.

Tags: pov, b2p

1086 Q24" nonpop

2020-03-17Katja9:41 minutesBalloon
1086 Q24" nonpop 1
1086 Q24" nonpop 2
1086 Q24" nonpop 3
1086 Q24" nonpop 4

Katja is using one Qualatex 24" for her pleasure. She inflates it using her ePump and pushes it to it's limites. She's riding it doggystyle, cowgirl and rev-cowgirl before she opens the clip and rides it down.

Tags: nonpop

1085 Busty Sitpops

2020-03-13Sofia Lee6:58 minutesBalloon
1085 Busty Sitpops 1
1085 Busty Sitpops 2
1085 Busty Sitpops 3
1085 Busty Sitpops 4

Busty babe Sofia Lee is sitpopping a colourful bunch of 14" BelBal balloons.

Tags: sitpops

1084 bare soles

2020-03-10Victoria Puppy18:31 minutesBalloon, Foot Fetish
1084 bare soles 1
1084 bare soles 2
1084 bare soles 3
1084 bare soles 4

Victoria Puppy is teasing a couple of balloons with her bare soles. First she inflates one 14" Belbal by mouth and then pushes the air out under her feet, then she squeezes the air out of some 17" balloons incl. the all new ClubSteffi logo balloon. And finally she puts her feet on the big one.

Tags: nonpop
1083 German Balloon Angst incl. english subtitles 1
1083 German Balloon Angst incl. english subtitles 2

You're still having issues blowing up a balloon? Well, Katja is here for you, to help you through it. Follow her lead and you will get a nice reward. German spoken, english subtitles.

1082 cheeky ballerina

2020-03-03Marilyn Sugar9:00 minutesBalloon
1082 cheeky ballerina 1
1082 cheeky ballerina 2
1082 cheeky ballerina 3
1082 cheeky ballerina 4

Marilyn is waiting for you on her bed. She's wearing a rose skintight ballerina body. With her on the bed are two medium inflated Qualatex balloons. But before Marilyn takes care of them, she's blowing up one TufTex Loonerworld logo balloon to it's maximun. Marilyn makes some fun with the transparent neck, before she pops the balloon with her fingernails. Now she takes a seat on a pink Qualatex and starts to bounce softly. But the balloon can't stand her movements and pops right away. Thankfully the second pink Qualatex is stronger and Marilyn can take a good ride. It's even so strong, she has to pop it with her fingernails in the end. 

1081 new girl: Antonia Sainz

2020-02-28Antonia Sainz11:49 minutesBalloon
1081 new girl: Antonia Sainz 1
1081 new girl: Antonia Sainz 2
1081 new girl: Antonia Sainz 3
1081 new girl: Antonia Sainz 4

New girl Antonia Sainz is giving a test ride to the new ClubSteffi balloon. Initially she wanted to do an b2p, but she couldn't help but ride the balloon also. She's blowing it to the max, but it pops under her butt. 

1080 11" Qualatex Chrome

2020-02-25Katja5:38 minutesBalloon
1080 11" Qualatex Chrome 1
1080 11" Qualatex Chrome 2
1080 11" Qualatex Chrome 3
1080 11" Qualatex Chrome 4

Katja is testing the Qualatex Chrome 11" balloons. One b2p, one sitpop and one  gets popped by her fingernails.

1079 Sofia Lee TT 17" ClubSteffi B2P

2020-02-21Sofia Lee9:48 minutesBalloon, BBW, Big boobs
1079 Sofia Lee TT 17" ClubSteffi B2P 1
1079 Sofia Lee TT 17" ClubSteffi B2P 2
1079 Sofia Lee TT 17" ClubSteffi B2P 3
1079 Sofia Lee TT 17" ClubSteffi B2P 4

New girl Sofia Lee is presenting the new TufTex 17" ClubSteffi logo balloon in an outstanding b2p.

Tags: b2p