083 Oil Overload

2013-03-24Ashley11:20 minutesBlonde, Inflatables
083 Oil Overload 1
083 Oil Overload 2

See Ashley completely drenched in baby-oil riding, bouncing and playing with two beach balls and a swim ring. During the clip she inflates two arm floats and two small inflatable a.n.i.m.a.l.s., captured in nice close up's of her mouth. No deflating in this clip.

Tags: oil

082 Bouncing Dessous

2013-03-23Ashley8:04 minutesBalloon, Blonde
082 Bouncing Dessous 1
082 Bouncing Dessous 2
082 Bouncing Dessous 3
082 Bouncing Dessous 4

Ashley dressed up in her sexy underwear performs a b2p sitting and bouncing on many different balloons. First time gets very sensual by riding these balloons. She even starts to moan more and more during the clip.

081 In the tub

2013-03-22Ashley5:32 minutesBalloon, Blonde
081 In the tub 1
081 In the tub 2
081 In the tub 3
081 In the tub 4

Ashley is in the tub. Of course with many ballloons. Some filled with air, some with water. First she blows up one balloon and starts then to pop all the balloons with her finger nails.

078 Balloonrace - Steffi & Ashley

2013-03-19Ashley and Steffi3:47 minutesBalloon, Blonde
078 Balloonrace - Steffi & Ashley 1
078 Balloonrace - Steffi & Ashley 2
078 Balloonrace - Steffi & Ashley 3
078 Balloonrace - Steffi & Ashley 4

Here it comes, our first clip together. Steffi and hot Ashley doing a balloonrace.

075 3 Beachballs

2013-03-16Ashley9:15 minutesBlonde, Inflatables
075 3 Beachballs 1
075 3 Beachballs 2
075 3 Beachballs 3
075 3 Beachballs 4

Ashley is sitting on one big beachballs and blows the last bit air in the second one. The third ball is already inflated, waiting for Ashley. She starts riding and bouncing on them. Then she lights a cigarette (EVE 120), burns 3 holes in the biggest one and rides it down. One smaller beachball is going to be deflated thru the valve.

072 Ashleys perfect rounds

2013-03-13Ashley3:23 minutesBalloon, Blonde
072 Ashleys perfect rounds 1
072 Ashleys perfect rounds 2
072 Ashleys perfect rounds 3
072 Ashleys perfect rounds 4

Ashley is blowing up this yellow balloon, puts it under her perfect butt and starts riding. Because the balloon is very resistant she finishes it with her finger nails while sitting on it.

070 Balloon Massacre VI

2013-03-11Ashley and Mercedes6:05 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Smoking
070 Balloon Massacre VI 1
070 Balloon Massacre VI 2
070 Balloon Massacre VI 3
070 Balloon Massacre VI 4

Here comes the Balloon Massacre for June. This time presented by loonerworld. Bodypop, nailpop and cigpop this time.

069 Shared Eve 120

2013-03-10Ashley and Mercedes6:34 minutesBalloon, Blonde
069 Shared Eve 120 1
069 Shared Eve 120 2
069 Shared Eve 120 3
069 Shared Eve 120 4

Ashley and Mercedes are sitting next to each other and are blowing up Qualtex balloons. They play around with their fingernails and feet and pop the balloons.

068 Time for the Beach

2013-03-09Ashley9:43 minutesBlonde, Inflatables, Smoking
068 Time for the Beach 1
068 Time for the Beach 2
068 Time for the Beach 3
068 Time for the Beach 4

But Ashley can't wait to play with her new toys. Sadly she likes to play with cigarettes too ;-)She inflates one beach ball by mouth and deflate it her finger nails. The other beach ball, the ring and a dolphin by cigarette.

067 Schoolgirl Ashley

2013-03-08Ashley4:58 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Uniform
067 Schoolgirl Ashley 1
067 Schoolgirl Ashley 2
067 Schoolgirl Ashley 3
067 Schoolgirl Ashley 4

Ashley comes home from school to have fun with her balloons. She pop them with her pencil and by two sitpops.