1019 Longneck test run

2019-08-06Gabi Gold14:45 minutesBalloon
1019 Longneck test run 1
1019 Longneck test run 2
1019 Longneck test run 3
1019 Longneck test run 4

Gabi has one yellow 32" Longneck Balloon at hand and wants to try it. She blows it up using the electric pump, tests its stability, and blows it on and on. Eventually it has to get really big! But Gabi's weight is not enough and she doesn't want to blow him up too much, as she is a bit scared about a possible pop of this giant. She rides it until the neck comes out a bit, but then she prefers to open the clip and rides the air out of it.

1013 absolute transparency

2019-07-16Nathaly Cherie10:31 minutesBalloon
1013 absolute transparency 1
1013 absolute transparency 2
1013 absolute transparency 3
1013 absolute transparency 4

Nathaly Cherie is swinging her butt on 3 transparent Tuftex 24" balloons, and one 32" Cattex Longneck. While bouncing up and down, she's blowing up one 17" Tuftex by mouth. Once this one is properly inflated, she lat it fly and starts to ride the air out of the Cattex.

Tags: nonpop

1011 Gabi Gold and 3 wet 14" BelBal

2019-07-09Gabi Gold12:49 minutesBalloon, Spitting
1011 Gabi Gold and 3 wet 14" BelBal 1
1011 Gabi Gold and 3 wet 14" BelBal 2
1011 Gabi Gold and 3 wet 14" BelBal 3
1011 Gabi Gold and 3 wet 14" BelBal 4

Gabi Gold is blowing into 3 14" BelBal ballons a couple of time to accumulate some wettness from her breaths. But that's not wet enough for Gabi, so she spits into the balloons too.

1008 Foxy Sanie sensual nude

2019-06-28Foxy Sanie10:50 minutesBalloon
1008 Foxy Sanie sensual nude 1
1008 Foxy Sanie sensual nude 2
1008 Foxy Sanie sensual nude 3
1008 Foxy Sanie sensual nude 4

Foxy Sanie is blowing up one translucent TufTex 17" Loonerworld logo balloon in her very own sensual way. She's blowing into the balloon, then opens her sweet mouth wide and lets the air flow into her throat. Damn sexy, if I may say so.

Tags: nonpop

1007 Once you go black

2019-06-25Gabi Gold16:53 minutesBalloon
1007 Once you go black 1
1007 Once you go black 2
1007 Once you go black 3
1007 Once you go black 4

Gabi Gold, dressed in black, is riding down three huge black monsters.

1005 Victoria Puppy POV

2019-06-18Victoria Puppy13:23 minutesBalloon
1005 Victoria Puppy POV 1
1005 Victoria Puppy POV 2
1005 Victoria Puppy POV 3
1005 Victoria Puppy POV 4

Victoria is in a very sensual mood and she want's to please you with her balloon. She's sitting between your legs, blowing up one pink TufTex 17" balloon. She pushing and squeezing it very erotic. Finally she lets the out of the balloon by pressing it against your crotch.

Tags: pov, nonpop

1002 Ramona 1-on-1

2019-06-07Ramona11:29 minutesBalloon
1002 Ramona 1-on-1 1
1002 Ramona 1-on-1 2
1002 Ramona 1-on-1 3
1002 Ramona 1-on-1 4

Finally I talked Ramona into spending some time with me in bed, and of course a balloon is invited to. Ramona is blowing it up for me slowly, while riding and bouncing on it, using my body as her playground and I get to touch the balloon and her gorgeous boobs. She's deflating the balloon by pushing it against my crotch.

Tags: nonpop

1001 Naomi & Lex & GL

2019-06-04Licky Lex and Naomi Bennet8:01 minutesBalloon
1001 Naomi & Lex & GL 1
1001 Naomi & Lex & GL 2
1001 Naomi & Lex & GL 3
1001 Naomi & Lex & GL 4

Naomi Bennet and Licky Lex are inflating one yellow GL700 in turns. When it's finally filled both girls share the balloon together and make out. But the balloon is way to bouncy to get in the mood, so Naomi opens the clip and they ride the air out of it.

Tags: nonpop

989 Game of Loons

2019-04-23Foxy Sanie10:41 minutesBalloon
989 Game of Loons 1
989 Game of Loons 2
989 Game of Loons 3
989 Game of Loons 4

Foxy Sanie is topless already and starts to ride the first of eight colored TufTex ballons. She's riding them in cowgirl & reverse cowgirl position. Between her thighs and under her belly. When the fifth balloon is in line, she takes off her panties and starts to ride the last 4 balloons down, completely naked. 

Tags: nonpop

983 Mr. See-Through

2019-04-02Sanny Luke9:18 minutesBalloon
983 Mr. See-Through 1
983 Mr. See-Through 2
983 Mr. See-Through 3
983 Mr. See-Through 4

Sanny Luke is taking care of one translucent Cattex doll. She's humping it for good and teases with her big natural boobs before she's riding the air out of it.

Tags: nonpop, cattex