971 live on instagram

2019-02-19Gabi Gold and Katja11:26 minutesBalloon
971 live on instagram 1
971 live on instagram 2
971 live on instagram 3
971 live on instagram 4

This is kind of a documentary when Gabi and Katja went live on Instagram together for the first time. If you have seen it on Instagram, you can now see, what happened before and after they went live and if you haven't seen it at all, you can enjoy one jump2pop by Katja and a big balloon deflate done by both girls. If you want to make sure not to miss live events like this, follow us on Instagram @clubsteffixxx

970 Let's count to three!

2019-02-15Foxy Sanie8:47 minutesBalloon
970 Let's count to three! 1
970 Let's count to three! 2
970 Let's count to three! 3
970 Let's count to three! 4

Foxy Sanie is riding 3 translucent Qualatex Happy Birthday balloons for your viewing pleasure. 1 sitpop, 2 fingernailpops.

969 Maxi Mouse

2019-02-12Ramona12:02 minutesBalloon
969 Maxi Mouse 1
969 Maxi Mouse 2
969 Maxi Mouse 3
969 Maxi Mouse 4

Ramona is bringing one yellow mouse balloon to it's maximum and deflates it under her butt.

968 Balloon massacre XVIII

2019-02-08Licky Lex and Naomi Bennet13:03 minutesBalloon
968 Balloon massacre XVIII 1
968 Balloon massacre XVIII 2
968 Balloon massacre XVIII 3
968 Balloon massacre XVIII 4

Next episode of our beloved balloon massacre series features Naomi Bennet and Licky Lex going crazy. They have their room filled with a bunch of balloons already and are ready to go wild. They pop all the balloons in many different ways, feet stomping, booty sitting, finger nailing, you name it. But what about one balloon ride down at least? - But all balloons are closed with knots! - No prob for crafty Licky Lex, she opens one balloon so both girls can enjoy a big balloon ride down as well.

Tags: masspop

967 Katja humps ClubSteffi

2019-02-05Katja8:11 minutesBalloon
967 Katja humps ClubSteffi 1
967 Katja humps ClubSteffi 2
967 Katja humps ClubSteffi 3
967 Katja humps ClubSteffi 4

Katja is wearing her black leather pants and humps a lot of ClubSteffi signature balloons. 2 sitpops, 2 fingernailpops, 1 feetpop.

966 Gabi Gold Tuftex 24" test

2019-02-01Gabi Gold16:44 minutesBalloon
966 Gabi Gold Tuftex 24" test 1
966 Gabi Gold Tuftex 24" test 2
966 Gabi Gold Tuftex 24" test 3
966 Gabi Gold Tuftex 24" test 4

German Gabi Gold is about to test the Tuftex 24" balloon. She's blowing it up by mouth and starts to jump and bounce on it. But she is such a lightweight that she can't pop the balloon by bodyweight. She's using her fingernails instead.

965 Sanny Luke - one for all

2019-01-29Sanny Luke15:03 minutesBalloon
965 Sanny Luke - one for all 1
965 Sanny Luke - one for all 2
965 Sanny Luke - one for all 3
965 Sanny Luke - one for all 4

Sanny takes place on a big red balloon and wants to do an b2p. She's blowing this balloon up until it's reaching it maximum with a huge firm neck. But sadly Sanny isn't strong enough to pop it by lung power, so she's using her fingernail. And after this piece of hard work, she can finally have some fun and bounce the air out of that red balloon.

964 Amirah & GL700

2019-01-25Amirah Adara9:45 minutesBalloon
964 Amirah & GL700 1
964 Amirah & GL700 2
964 Amirah & GL700 3
964 Amirah & GL700 4

Amirah Adara is taking on the Cattex GL700. The balloon is already inflated to the fun can start without waiting. Amirah starts to ride it, but she feels quickly that the balloon isn't tight enough yet. So she grabs the electric pump and put some more air in it. Now as the balloon has it's final shape, Amirah takes her top off and starts to tease the balloon with her boobs, while riding in cowgirl position. In the end Amirah turns on her belly and deflates the GL slowly.

963 Naomi's fingernails

2019-01-22Naomi Bennet8:42 minutesBalloon
963 Naomi's fingernails 1
963 Naomi's fingernails 2
963 Naomi's fingernails 3
963 Naomi's fingernails 4

Naomi is sitting on a translucent balloon while blowing up another black balloons by mouth. Both balloons get popped by her spiky fingernails.

962 Tight jeans sitpops

2019-01-18Licky Lex12:03 minutesBalloon
962 Tight jeans sitpops 1
962 Tight jeans sitpops 2
962 Tight jeans sitpops 3
962 Tight jeans sitpops 4

Licky is wearing her tight jeans and blows up 4 balloons by mouth. She does some serious sitpops but the last balloon explodes in her hand.

Tags: sitpops, jeans