981 Tuftex 17" clear and a little extra

2019-03-26Naomi Bennet11:20 minutesBalloon
981 Tuftex 17" clear and a little extra 1
981 Tuftex 17" clear and a little extra 2
981 Tuftex 17" clear and a little extra 3
981 Tuftex 17" clear and a little extra 4

This is Naomi blowing up one translucent 17" Tuftex balloon 2 times. As requested you can see the moist from her breath in the balloon. But that's not the end, she's taking her bra off, inflates the balloon for a 3rd time, spits in it, and teases her nipples with her spit.

Tags: nonpop, spit

980 Czech masspop

2019-03-22Katie Dee and Vinna Reed16:25 minutesBalloon
980 Czech masspop 1
980 Czech masspop 2
980 Czech masspop 3
980 Czech masspop 4

Katie Dee and Vinna Reed are going crazy in this masspop scene. Only two balloons survive.

Tags: masspop

BONUS CLIP: Angel's long b2p UNCUT

2019-03-20Angel22:35 minutesBalloon
BONUS CLIP: Angel's long b2p UNCUT 1
BONUS CLIP: Angel's long b2p UNCUT 2

This is the full version of our previously released clip no. 799:

Angel is looking forward to an extremely long b2p. A 36“ smily face is the balloon of her choice. She’s blowing by mouth and with a plastic valve.
Finally the balloons get’s popped, but not by Angel’s breath.

979 Helium Mylar Massacre

2019-03-19Gabi Gold11:54 minutesBalloon, Blonde
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 1
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 2
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 3
979 Helium Mylar Massacre 4

Gabi Gold is popping 8 silver and golden mylar foil balloons. 

978 the relax chair

2019-03-15Foxy Sanie and Katja10:17 minutesBalloon
978 the relax chair 1
978 the relax chair 2
978 the relax chair 3
978 the relax chair 4

Katja and Foxy are chilling on the relax chair. Each girl has a ClubSteffi logo balloon and a plastic mouth piece at hand. They start to blow up the balloons by mouth and using the mouth piece. Once the balloons are inflated, they ride them down on each other.

Tags: nonpop

977 make it pop

2019-03-12Ramona10:20 minutesBalloon
977 make it pop 1
977 make it pop 2
977 make it pop 3
977 make it pop 4

Ramona is on the bed, having an empty yellow GL1200 under her butt. This balloon is attached to an electric pump and you have the finger on the button. Just listen to Ramonas commands and bring it to it's maximum - and then let it pop. 

976 double deflate

2019-03-08Licky Lex and Naomi Bennet7:40 minutesBalloon
976 double deflate 1
976 double deflate 2
976 double deflate 3
976 double deflate 4

Naomi and Lex are having quite some fun with in- and deflating some smaller misprinted balloons.

Tags: nonpop

975 Sanny's long b2p

2019-03-05Sanny Luke12:01 minutesBalloon
975 Sanny's long b2p 1
975 Sanny's long b2p 2
975 Sanny's long b2p 3
975 Sanny's long b2p 4

Sanny Luke is relaxing at the pool side, blowing one balloon until it pops in her hands unexpected.

Tags: b2p

974 Amirah Adara XXX

2019-03-01Amirah Adara12:33 minutesBalloon
974 Amirah Adara XXX 1
974 Amirah Adara XXX 2
974 Amirah Adara XXX 3
974 Amirah Adara XXX 4

Finally Amirah Adara is getting fully nude and spreads her legs wide open, while riding down a Qualatex 24" balloon.

Tags: nonpop

Picture Set 01 - Steffi & Alex

2019-02-28Alex and Steffi50 imagesBalloon
Picture Set 01 - Steffi & Alex 0
Picture Set 01 - Steffi & Alex 1
Picture Set 01 - Steffi & Alex 2
Picture Set 01 - Steffi & Alex 3
Picture Set 01 - Steffi & Alex 4

Steffi and Alex are posing with big balloons.