119 Ashley doing cigpops

2013-04-29Ashley5:05 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Smoking
119 Ashley doing cigpops 1
119 Ashley doing cigpops 2
119 Ashley doing cigpops 3
119 Ashley doing cigpops 4

Watch Ashley bouncing and cig popping many different balloons.

118 The Big Deflate

2013-04-28Eve Dynamite and Karina25:30 minutesInflatables
118 The Big Deflate 1
118 The Big Deflate 2
118 The Big Deflate 3
118 The Big Deflate 4

Karina and Eve start to blow up a bunch of arm floats. After playing around with them, they start to deflate them with their hands and feet. Two swim rings and one beach ball get deflated too.

117 New neighbor Karina

2013-04-27Eve Dynamite and Karina14:54 minutesBalloon
117 New neighbor Karina 1
117 New neighbor Karina 2
117 New neighbor Karina 3
117 New neighbor Karina 4

Our new neighbor Karina heard the balloon popping sound and asked Eve if she could join the action. 14 minutes of nail- and sitpops.

116 New girl Simone

2013-04-26Simone5:28 minutesBalloon
116 New girl Simone 1
116 New girl Simone 2
116 New girl Simone 3
116 New girl Simone 4

Very funny girl Simone does something like a b2p. She's inflating the balloon quite well, but it explodes in her hands. German speaking.

115 Steffi with a b2p

2013-04-25Steffi4:32 minutesBalloon
115 Steffi with a b2p 1
115 Steffi with a b2p 2
115 Steffi with a b2p 3
115 Steffi with a b2p 4

Steffi doing another b2p for you.

114 b2p by Alex

2013-04-24Alex5:51 minutesBalloon
114 b2p by Alex 1
114 b2p by Alex 2
114 b2p by Alex 3
114 b2p by Alex 4

Alex with another b2p.

Tags: b2p

113 No popping with Ashley II

2013-04-23Ashley9:44 minutesBalloon, Blonde
113 No popping with Ashley II 1
113 No popping with Ashley II 2
113 No popping with Ashley II 3
113 No popping with Ashley II 4

No popping with Ashley. She in- and deflates different balloons, touches them softly and fell to s.l.e.e.p. on a big cigar balloon after heavy moaning.

Tags: nonpop

112 Many sitpops

2013-04-22Alex and Steffi5:07 minutesBalloon
112 Many sitpops 1
112 Many sitpops 2
112 Many sitpops 3
112 Many sitpops 4

Steffi and Alex with some sitpops.

111 X-Mas blow2pop

2013-04-21Ashley3:00 minutesBalloon, Blonde
111 X-Mas blow2pop 1
111 X-Mas blow2pop 2
111 X-Mas blow2pop 3
111 X-Mas blow2pop 4

Ashley under the christmas tree, blowing an balloon till it pops.

Tags: b2p

110 X-Mas balloon popping

2013-04-20Ashley8:03 minutesBalloon, Smoking
110 X-Mas balloon popping 1
110 X-Mas balloon popping 2
110 X-Mas balloon popping 3
110 X-Mas balloon popping 4

Finally it's december and Ashley can't wait to unwrap at least one present. What did she get? Cigarettes of course and naughty that she is, she starts to pop the balloon decoration. Thanks Danny for sending the balloons.