067 Schoolgirl Ashley

2013-03-08Ashley4:58 minutesBalloon, Blonde, Uniform
067 Schoolgirl Ashley 1
067 Schoolgirl Ashley 2
067 Schoolgirl Ashley 3
067 Schoolgirl Ashley 4

Ashley comes home from school to have fun with her balloons. She pop them with her pencil and by two sitpops.

066 Balloonmassacre V

2013-03-07Ashley and Mercedes11:18 minutesBalloon, Blonde
066 Balloonmassacre V 1
066 Balloonmassacre V 2
066 Balloonmassacre V 3
066 Balloonmassacre V 4

A lot of balloons are smashed here. By sitting, heels, fingernails and teeth. Both girls wearing ultra-sexy leather leggins.

065 Smokey balloon filterless Roth-Haendle

2013-03-06Ashley and Mercedes7:20 minutesBalloon, Smoking
065 Smokey balloon filterless Roth-Haendle 1
065 Smokey balloon filterless Roth-Haendle 2
065 Smokey balloon filterless Roth-Haendle 3
065 Smokey balloon filterless Roth-Haendle 4

Asley and Mercedes want to smoke. But the last pack of cigarettes is inside a crystal balloon. They free the cigarettes and share them by blowing smoke in another crystal balloon, till it pops.

064 Ashley Blow2Pop

2013-03-05Ashley and Mercedes6:57 minutesBalloon, Blonde
064 Ashley Blow2Pop 1
064 Ashley Blow2Pop 2
064 Ashley Blow2Pop 3
064 Ashley Blow2Pop 4

Ashley is doing a blow2pop. Mercedes is with her, slapping Ashleys ass. Both girls wearing leather leggins.

063 Handsfree blowing

2013-03-04Ashley and Mercedes6:03 minutesBalloon
063 Handsfree blowing 1
063 Handsfree blowing 2
063 Handsfree blowing 3
063 Handsfree blowing 4

Ashley fixes Mercedes arms with handcuffs and she has to blow a balloon handsfree - but she can't finish it, so Ashley blow2pop it.

Tags: b2p

062 Shared b2p close up

2013-03-03Ashley and Mercedes5:22 minutesBalloon, Blonde
062 Shared b2p close up 1
062 Shared b2p close up 2
062 Shared b2p close up 3
062 Shared b2p close up 4

Ashley and Mercedes share a crystal balloon. Only face close up.

Tags: b2p

061 Pump2Pop

2013-03-02Ashley and Mercedes2:24 minutesBalloon, Blonde
061 Pump2Pop 1
061 Pump2Pop 2
061 Pump2Pop 3
061 Pump2Pop 4

Ashley and Mercedes are pumping up this heart-shaped balloon. Ashley also barefoot. Her thighs are unbelievable.

060 Blow2Pop by Alex

2013-03-01Alex2:54 minutesBalloon
060 Blow2Pop by Alex 1
060 Blow2Pop by Alex 2
060 Blow2Pop by Alex 3
060 Blow2Pop by Alex 4

Here comes the new b2p by Alex.

Tags: b2p

059 Just more popping

2013-02-28Alex and Steffi6:31 minutesBalloon
059 Just more popping 1
059 Just more popping 2
059 Just more popping 3
059 Just more popping 4

We are sitting on the stairs of our old school and pop some ballons. With our hands, bodies and feet.

058 Balloonmassacre IV

2013-02-27Alex and Steffi8:38 minutesBalloon
058 Balloonmassacre IV 1
058 Balloonmassacre IV 2
058 Balloonmassacre IV 3
058 Balloonmassacre IV 4

Here comes the next Balloonmassacre! We destroy many balloons by feet and Alex even with cigarette. As requested we are wearing nylons.