459 Joyride - Katja is back 1
459 Joyride - Katja is back 2
459 Joyride - Katja is back 3
459 Joyride - Katja is back 4

Steffi is cruising around with her driver, filling the trunk with balloons. Suddenly she recognizes her friend Katja walking by. Steffi yells to stop the car. Fortunately Katja has time to join Steffi for a joyride. Both are cruising the streets while talking about their beginning at ClubSteffi and blow up and pop some balloons together. Finally reaching their destination, Steffi has another surprise. She opens the trunk and a couple of helium balloons are starting their way up in the air. Steffi and Katja are enjoying this spectacle and then pop all the balloons left over.