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We are in our 10th year of shooting looner videos and today we're proud to present clip no. 1000! Justyne was one of the first girls we started with and she had her last appearance at ClubSteffi in 2014. I'm so happy that I could win her for this 1000th clip - one hour long. After a welcome speech from Justyne, I take a seat in front of her. One of her demands to come back was, that I would have to blow up one balloon for her pleasure. And of course, I wouldn't dare to deny that. So I'm blowing one Qualatex Polka Dot for her, but the balloons explodes unexpected. Justyne is not satisfied. As always, she has to finish the job. She grabs her balloon and starts to blow it up. Her balloon pops also way too early in her hands and mouth. I guess the balloons are as exited as I am. Now Justyne wants you you to join. Grab a balloon and blow it for her. She's watching you, while enjoying her glas of champagne. Now that the warm up is over, Justyne is ready for action. With a magic trick she puts herself in a room filled with balloons and the madness begins. Justyne is popping all the balloons in various ways. She's using her feet, fingernails, heels and her butt. Some balloons are left alive, and they are waiting for you. But you have to hurry if you want one.