1017 Unter der Brücke 3

30.07.2019 Victoria Puppy 4:57 Minuten Balloon, Outdoors
1017 Unter der Brücke 3 1
1017 Unter der Brücke 3 2
1017 Unter der Brücke 3 3
1017 Unter der Brücke 3 4

Hier kommt die nächste Folge unserer beliebten Serie "Unter der Brücke". Diesmal testet Victoria Puppy in einem Tunnel, wie laut der schwarze 16" Qualatex Fragezeichen Ballon knallt. 

Schlagworte: under the bridge

503 under the bridge II

26.09.2014 Bella und Sandra 3:22 Minuten Balloon, Outdoors
503 under the bridge II 1
503 under the bridge II 2

Another bang test with Bella and Sandra since our first "under the bridge"-clip in feb 2014.

Schlagworte: under the bridge

436 under the bridge

12.03.2014 Lola und Steffi 6:35 Minuten Balloon, Outdoors
436 under the bridge 1
436 under the bridge 2
436 under the bridge 3
436 under the bridge 4

Steffi and Lola take a walk in the near city forest, as they have a funny idea. They blow up one ghost face printed balloon and place it the trees. Maybe some passers will get scared. Some minutes later, the girls arrive under a highway bridge. Steffi always wanted to hear a balloon pop under such an huge bridge. So, both girls blow up balloons and let them pop with a never before heard bang.

Schlagworte: under the bridge