859 Black Out

29.01.2018Foxxi Black7:08 MinutenBalloon
859 Black Out 1
859 Black Out 2

Foxxi Black walks in, wearing a shiny black spandex body and gorgeous black high heels. Watch her teasing and torturing 11 black balloons. All balloons are getting popped by her spiky heels of course.

Schlagworte: spandex, high heels

837 black spandex nonpop

16.11.2017Foxxi Black9:17 MinutenBalloon
837 black spandex nonpop 1
837 black spandex nonpop 2

Foxxi is wearing a black skin tight spandex body while playing and teasing her black balloons. Watch her gentle balloon play, her gorgeous body and her elegant high heels. After taking off her shoes, she's pleasuring her balloons with her bare feet as well.

823 spread wide open

28.09.2017Foxy Sanie10:26 MinutenBalloon
823 spread wide open 1
823 spread wide open 2

Foxy Sanie is showing us her acrobatic skills when popping a bunch of ClubSteffi balloons with her finger nails and high heels.

818 pumps and pumps and pops

11.09.2017Angelina11:06 MinutenBalloon, Barefoot
818 pumps and pumps and pops 1
818 pumps and pumps and pops 2

Another constantly requested clip. Angelina is inflating 3 punching ball balloons with her hand- and foot pump. Barefoot and with High Heels.

Schlagworte: high heels, foot pump

641 Heel2heel

11.01.2016Jane4:02 MinutenBalloon
641 Heel2heel 1
641 Heel2heel 2

Jane is heelpopping a bunch of small white balloons in a very angry way.

Schlagworte: high heels

511 Ginas Heels

23.10.2014Gina5:58 MinutenBalloon
511 Ginas Heels 1
511 Ginas Heels 2

Gina uses her black leather ankle boots to pop some balloons.

Schlagworte: high heels

399 The Four Pops

02.02.2014Jasmin10:13 MinutenBalloon
399 The Four Pops 1
399 The Four Pops 2
399 The Four Pops 3
399 The Four Pops 4

Jasmin appears hot as ever and teases you by popping 4 smaller balloons in her very sexy way. Sitpop, Heelpop and 2 blow2pops.

Schlagworte: high heels, sitpops, b2p

363 The joy of many

28.12.2013Jasmin11:37 MinutenBalloon
363 The joy of many 1
363 The joy of many 2
363 The joy of many 3
363 The joy of many 4

Jasmin wears her ultra-short bikini which shows more than it covers. She pops a lot of small shiny purple balloons in many different ways. With her heels, fingernails and under her delicious butt.

344 Fingernails and knife

09.12.2013Jasmin6:04 MinutenBalloon
344 Fingernails and knife 1
344 Fingernails and knife 2
344 Fingernails and knife 3
344 Fingernails and knife 4

Jasmin uses her fingernails, heels and a knife to pop her balloons.

Schlagworte: fingernails, high heels

304 High Heel Boots Popping

30.10.2013DirrtyAngel3:07 MinutenBalloon
304 High Heel Boots Popping 1
304 High Heel Boots Popping 2
304 High Heel Boots Popping 3
304 High Heel Boots Popping 4

DirrtyAngel pops many balloons with her High Heel Boots.

Schlagworte: high heels
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