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722 nylon tease

14.10.2016Angel und Tequila9:02 MinutenBalloon, Nylon
722 nylon tease 1
722 nylon tease 2

As requested Angel and Tequila are teasing and pleasing some huge balloons just with their feet in nylon pantyhose. They rub their soles all over the balloons and poke their toes into them. They pop the balloons one by one with their feet or by bouncing on them as heavy as they can.

080 Hot chair

21.03.2013Ashley6:50 MinutenBalloon, Nylon, Smoking
080 Hot chair 1
080 Hot chair 2
080 Hot chair 3
080 Hot chair 4

Watch Ashley sitting on an office chair with a red balloon under her silky pantyhose butt. She enjoys an EVE 120 cigarette while watching her own video. After smoking she gives you the full butt-show on that balloon. Finally she pops the balloon under her butt with her finger nails.

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