094 Horny b2p

04.04.2013 Eve Dynamite 4:55 Minuten Balloon
094 Horny b2p 1
094 Horny b2p 2
094 Horny b2p 3
094 Horny b2p 4

Eve doea a b2p. She get so horny, that she starts masturbating. After the b2p she is so exited that she quickly nail pops three more balloons.

Autum Day

03.04.2013 Jasmin 249 Bilder Balloon
Autum Day 0
Autum Day 1
Autum Day 2

Jasmin is walking with 3 helium filled balloons on a autum day.

093 to stand a b2p

03.04.2013 Eve Dynamite 2:47 Minuten Balloon, Femdom
093 to stand a b2p 1
093 to stand a b2p 2
093 to stand a b2p 3
093 to stand a b2p 4

Eve and David are watching television. Eve is bored and wants to do a blow2pop. David says that he is scared of the sound and wants to cover his ears. Of course Eve doesn't allow that, and f.o.r.c.e.s. him to sit on his hands while she blow2pops the balloon. GERMAN SPOKEN

092 4 Cigpops

02.04.2013 Eve Dynamite 9:10 Minuten Balloon, Smoking
092 4 Cigpops 1
092 4 Cigpops 2
092 4 Cigpops 3
092 4 Cigpops 4

Eve starts smoking and is filling a crystal balloon with air and smoke. Then she cigpops 3 green balloons very slow and sensual. Finally she lits another cigarette and pops the crystal balloon.

091 very erotic sitpop with Eve

01.04.2013 Eve Dynamite 5:03 Minuten Balloon
091 very erotic sitpop with Eve 1
091 very erotic sitpop with Eve 2
091 very erotic sitpop with Eve 3
091 very erotic sitpop with Eve 4

Eve is wearing her leather leggins and gets very hot riding this red balloon. She's bouncing very hard to het it pop, which gets her hotter and hotter. She even starts moaning and touching herself.

Schlagworte: sitpop

090 No popping with Ashley

31.03.2013 Ashley 8:49 Minuten Balloon, Blonde
090 No popping with Ashley 1
090 No popping with Ashley 2
090 No popping with Ashley 3
090 No popping with Ashley 4

Ashley is blowing up some balloons and plays with them. No popping here.

Schlagworte: nonpop

089 Balloon Massacre IX

30.03.2013 Ashley 14:50 Minuten Balloon, Blonde, Smoking
089 Balloon Massacre IX 1
089 Balloon Massacre IX 2
089 Balloon Massacre IX 3
089 Balloon Massacre IX 4

Ashley walks in, wearing tight Jeans, white shirt and black boots. She takes place on a balloon and starts smoking an cigarette. After she sitpops the first balloon, she starts blowing up some other balloons and is filling them with air and smoke. After 9 minutes she starts to cigpop them slowly and sensual. Finally she climbs the big one and even pop it with her cigarette.

088 Sloppy armfloat

29.03.2013 Eve Dynamite 4:02 Minuten Inflatables
088 Sloppy armfloat 1
088 Sloppy armfloat 2
088 Sloppy armfloat 3
088 Sloppy armfloat 4

Eve inflates an armfloat. She wants to slide her fingers in and out but it's to tight. So she spits in the armfloat and on his hands to get it sloppy. Finally she deflates the armfloat.

087 Ashley with the big ones

28.03.2013 Ashley 6:57 Minuten Balloon, Blonde
087 Ashley with the big ones 1
087 Ashley with the big ones 2
087 Ashley with the big ones 3
087 Ashley with the big ones 4

Ashley takes on 3 big balloons and a smaller qualtex crystal balloon. She pops all 4 by sitting, laying and bouncing on them.

Schlagworte: sitpops

086 Black chair bondage

27.03.2013 Ashley 9:29 Minuten Inflatables
086 Black chair bondage 1
086 Black chair bondage 2
086 Black chair bondage 3
086 Black chair bondage 4

See Ashley bound to a black inflatable chair with a beach ball between her and the chair. David is pumping up that ball 'till Ashley coundn't stand it any longer. David opens the valves and Ashley is pressing everything down to the floor.