892 Tag Teaming

18.05.2018 Nathaly Cherie und Victoria Puppy 12:49 Minuten Balloon
892 Tag Teaming 1
892 Tag Teaming 2

Nathaly and Victoria are having a party on your lap. A lot of small balloons are getting popped.

Schlagworte: pov, sitpops, fingernails

891 Kiara's Big Booty

15.05.2018 Kiara Strong 9:59 Minuten Balloon
891 Kiara's Big Booty 1
891 Kiara's Big Booty 2

Kiara is sittin' on one transparent balloon and blowing up another by mouth. After gettin'a nice neck, she starts to ride it and let her juicy butt bounce on it. In the end both balloons are gettin' popped by her fingernails.

Schlagworte: big booty, latina

890 Tequila's Last Clip

11.05.2018 Tequila 9:43 Minuten Balloon
890 Tequila's Last Clip 1
890 Tequila's Last Clip 2

Tequila is resigning, but in this last clip with her, she's riding 3 last balloons for you.

889 Sneaker Massacre

08.05.2018 Foxy Sanie 10:19 Minuten Balloon
889 Sneaker Massacre 1
889 Sneaker Massacre 2

Foxy starts to blow up one 14" Belbal by mouth. But she doesn't pop it that way. She's putting it on the floor next to the many others. Now watch Foxy having fun popping all the balloons with her sneakers. Crowned by one last sitpop.

888 Lola 1-on-1

04.05.2018 Lola 8:48 Minuten Balloon
888 Lola 1-on-1 1
888 Lola 1-on-1 2

After she had seen my clip with Nathaly, Lola got jealous. She wanted to play with me too. And she came up with a scary idea.

First she’s blowing up one small balloon and puts it under my shirt.


Stuffed like this, I have to watch her doing a blow-to-pop. And of course, the balloon under my shirt gets popped too.

Schlagworte: body inflation, voyer

887 Charlie Red 1st b2p

01.05.2018 Charlie Red 10:29 Minuten Balloon
887 Charlie Red 1st b2p 1
887 Charlie Red 1st b2p 2

Here is Charlie Red with her very first regular b2p.

Schlagworte: b2p

886 Kiara and the big ones

27.04.2018 Kiara Strong 11:34 Minuten Balloon
886 Kiara and the big ones 1
886 Kiara and the big ones 2

Kiara Strong is riding 3 Cattex 35" balloons in this non-pop clip. She's bouncing on them in different positions before she opens the plastic clips and rides them down.

Schlagworte: nonpop, cattex

885 Tuftex sitpopping

24.04.2018 Foxy Sanie 10:09 Minuten Balloon
885 Tuftex sitpopping 1
885 Tuftex sitpopping 2

Foxy Sanie is sitpopping 4 Tuftex 17“ balloons. 2 of them have been blown up by herself.

Schlagworte: sitpops

884 smoke break

20.04.2018 Nathaly Cherie und Victoria Puppy 9:34 Minuten Balloon, Smoking
884 smoke break 1
884 smoke break 2

Nathaly and Victoria are having a smoke break. Both girls inflate their transparent Unique 16“ balloons with smoke from their lungs,
before they pop them with the last embers of their cigarettes.

883 Loonerworld Cattex 32" non-pop

17.04.2018 Ramona 10:07 Minuten Balloon
883 Loonerworld Cattex 32" non-pop 1
883 Loonerworld Cattex 32" non-pop 2

Ramona is riding a black Loonerworld printed Cattex 32“ balloon in this non-pop clip.

Schlagworte: nonpop, cattex