145 air compressor PART 1

25.05.2013Karina und Steffi13:31 MinutenInflatables
145 air compressor PART 1 1
145 air compressor PART 1 2
145 air compressor PART 1 3
145 air compressor PART 1 4

As requested by Frank, Steffi and Karina are inflating an air mattress with an powerful air compressor.They jump and bounce on the mattress, before they finally pop it by over-inflating using the compressor.

141 Bema arm float

21.05.2013Justyne15:47 MinutenInflatables
141 Bema arm float 1
141 Bema arm float 2
141 Bema arm float 3
141 Bema arm float 4

As requested by Andy, Justyne tries to sitpop an arm float. But the hardest bouncing can't pop it, so she grabs a cigarette and finishes the clip.

139 new girl Lilly with plastic bags

19.05.2013Lilly10:33 MinutenInflatables
139 new girl Lilly with plastic bags 1
139 new girl Lilly with plastic bags 2
139 new girl Lilly with plastic bags 3
139 new girl Lilly with plastic bags 4

New girl Lilly pops several plastic bags. German spoken with english subtitles.

Schlagworte: bagpopping, bag popping

133 Riding down the horse

13.05.2013Justyne12:02 MinutenInflatables, Smoking
133 Riding down the horse 1
133 Riding down the horse 2
133 Riding down the horse 3
133 Riding down the horse 4

Justyne caught an horse and now she is riding it. Like real cowboys do, she lit a cigarette and start using it. After many holes, the horse is flat to the ground.

128 Inflatable Massacre

08.05.2013Eve Dynamite und Karina14:52 MinutenInflatables
128 Inflatable Massacre 1
128 Inflatable Massacre 2
128 Inflatable Massacre 3
128 Inflatable Massacre 4

Eve and Karina inflate two air mattresses by mouth and start to play with them. Finally they bite holes into the mattressesand another one and one dolphin with cigarettes.

118 The Big Deflate

28.04.2013Eve Dynamite und Karina25:30 MinutenInflatables
118 The Big Deflate 1
118 The Big Deflate 2
118 The Big Deflate 3
118 The Big Deflate 4

Karina and Eve start to blow up a bunch of arm floats. After playing around with them, they start to deflate them with their hands and feet. Two swim rings and one beach ball get deflated too.

097 Balloon Chair Experiment

07.04.2013Justyne7:56 MinutenBondage, Inflatables
097 Balloon Chair Experiment 1
097 Balloon Chair Experiment 2
097 Balloon Chair Experiment 3
097 Balloon Chair Experiment 4

This time Justyne takes the challange to be tied to a black inflatable chair while David is pumping up an big balloon 'till it's pressing tight between Justyne and the chair. See how Justyne finishes the balloon and the chair. GERMAN SPOKEN. PUMPING SCENE IS IN TIME LAPSE.


088 Sloppy armfloat

29.03.2013Eve Dynamite4:02 MinutenInflatables
088 Sloppy armfloat 1
088 Sloppy armfloat 2
088 Sloppy armfloat 3
088 Sloppy armfloat 4

Eve inflates an armfloat. She wants to slide her fingers in and out but it's to tight. So she spits in the armfloat and on his hands to get it sloppy. Finally she deflates the armfloat.

086 Black chair bondage

27.03.2013Ashley9:29 MinutenInflatables
086 Black chair bondage 1
086 Black chair bondage 2
086 Black chair bondage 3
086 Black chair bondage 4

See Ashley bound to a black inflatable chair with a beach ball between her and the chair. David is pumping up that ball 'till Ashley coundn't stand it any longer. David opens the valves and Ashley is pressing everything down to the floor.

083 Oil Overload

24.03.2013Ashley11:20 MinutenBlonde, Inflatables
083 Oil Overload 1
083 Oil Overload 2

See Ashley completely drenched in baby-oil riding, bouncing and playing with two beach balls and a swim ring. During the clip she inflates two arm floats and two small inflatable a.n.i.m.a.l.s., captured in nice close up's of her mouth. No deflating in this clip.

Schlagworte: oil