751 summertime rooftop b2p

20.01.2017 Alexis Crystal 5:13 Minuten Balloon, Outdoors
751 summertime rooftop b2p 1
751 summertime rooftop b2p 2

If you are living in a winter region, you'll especially enjoy this sunny rooftop blow-to-pop video with Alexis.

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750 blow, bang

17.01.2017 Carrie Cherry 8:02 Minuten Balloon
750 blow, bang 1
750 blow, bang 2

Carrie Cherry has decided to take on the big ones. She's blowing up one huge balloon by mouth until it explodes in her hands. But that's not the end. There are two more balloons to be sitpopped.

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741 Mrs. Santa b2p

16.12.2016 Karol Lilien 9:53 Minuten Balloon
741 Mrs. Santa b2p 1
741 Mrs. Santa b2p 2

Mrs. Santa went from north pole directly into your lap, to blow-2-pop this lucky balloon right between your legs.

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723 Gabriella's 1st b2p

18.10.2016 Gabriella 4:44 Minuten Balloon
723 Gabriella's 1st b2p 1
723 Gabriella's 1st b2p 2

Gabriella's first blow2pop for us. Shot in her backyard.

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711 long b2p by Angel Piaff

06.09.2016 Angel Piaff 10:14 Minuten Balloon
711 long b2p by Angel Piaff 1
711 long b2p by Angel Piaff 2

Angel Piaff is working hard for you in this very long blow-to-pop scene. She's teasing her lips and her body, when she's blowing, rubbing and gently bouncing on this beautiful Loonerworld balloon until she's spending some strong breaths to pop it.

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700 from Mallorca with love

30.07.2016 Nathalie und Steffi 7:17 Minuten Balloon, Outdoors
700 from Mallorca with love 1
700 from Mallorca with love 2

Steffi and Nathalie are sending holiday greetings from the island Mallorca. They are walking on the pier and doing an shared b2p.

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670 Lady with red

19.04.2016 Jane 6:09 Minuten Balloon
670 Lady with red 1
670 Lady with red 2

Jane is about to blow-to-pop this wonderful red balloon. Of course she can't resist to cuddle with it in between.She's blowing and blowing until the balloon pops in her hands while taking breath.

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665 generous winner

01.04.2016 Karina und Tequila 3:55 Minuten Balloon
665 generous winner 1
665 generous winner 2

Karina and Tequila are having a balloon race. The winner is allowed to pop that third black balloon.

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654 Jane gotta pop it

26.02.2016 Jane 6:58 Minuten Balloon
654 Jane gotta pop it 1
654 Jane gotta pop it 2

Jane's blowing this balloon 'til it pops, using a plastic mouthpiece.

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651 b2p by Sarah

16.02.2016 Sarah 4:28 Minuten Balloon
651 b2p by Sarah 1
651 b2p by Sarah 2

Sarah is back with another b2p, sitting on an even bigger balloon. After doing the b2p she keeps bouncing for a while and finally nailpops that monster under her butt.

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