090 No popping with Ashley

31.03.2013Ashley8:49 MinutenBalloon, Blonde
090 No popping with Ashley 1
090 No popping with Ashley 2
090 No popping with Ashley 3
090 No popping with Ashley 4

Ashley is blowing up some balloons and plays with them. No popping here.

Schlagworte: nonpop

089 Balloon Massacre IX

30.03.2013Ashley14:50 MinutenBalloon, Blonde, Smoking
089 Balloon Massacre IX 1
089 Balloon Massacre IX 2
089 Balloon Massacre IX 3
089 Balloon Massacre IX 4

Ashley walks in, wearing tight Jeans, white shirt and black boots. She takes place on a balloon and starts smoking an cigarette. After she sitpops the first balloon, she starts blowing up some other balloons and is filling them with air and smoke. After 9 minutes she starts to cigpop them slowly and sensual. Finally she climbs the big one and even pop it with her cigarette.

088 Sloppy armfloat

29.03.2013Eve Dynamite4:02 MinutenInflatables
088 Sloppy armfloat 1
088 Sloppy armfloat 2
088 Sloppy armfloat 3
088 Sloppy armfloat 4

Eve inflates an armfloat. She wants to slide her fingers in and out but it's to tight. So she spits in the armfloat and on his hands to get it sloppy. Finally she deflates the armfloat.

087 Ashley with the big ones

28.03.2013Ashley6:57 MinutenBalloon, Blonde
087 Ashley with the big ones 1
087 Ashley with the big ones 2
087 Ashley with the big ones 3
087 Ashley with the big ones 4

Ashley takes on 3 big balloons and a smaller qualtex crystal balloon. She pops all 4 by sitting, laying and bouncing on them.

Schlagworte: sitpops

086 Black chair bondage

27.03.2013Ashley9:29 MinutenInflatables
086 Black chair bondage 1
086 Black chair bondage 2
086 Black chair bondage 3
086 Black chair bondage 4

See Ashley bound to a black inflatable chair with a beach ball between her and the chair. David is pumping up that ball 'till Ashley coundn't stand it any longer. David opens the valves and Ashley is pressing everything down to the floor.

085 Pink Sitpop

26.03.2013Ashley4:57 MinutenBalloon, Blonde
085 Pink Sitpop 1
085 Pink Sitpop 2
085 Pink Sitpop 3
085 Pink Sitpop 4

Ashley's wearing her brand new pink outfit. She takes place on a pink balloon and starts blowing up 3 zeppelins. She tries to pop them all under her butt, but that doesn't work. So she decides to pop just the big one and keep the zeppelins for hugging.

084 Ashley belly inflation & b2p

25.03.2013Ashley8:02 MinutenBalloon, Blonde
084 Ashley belly inflation & b2p 1
084 Ashley belly inflation & b2p 2
084 Ashley belly inflation & b2p 3
084 Ashley belly inflation & b2p 4

Ashley is doing a regular b2p, but a few times during blowing up the balloon, she takes the air back from the balloon and you can watch how her belly grows. - Thanks for requesting this. It looks pretty sexy.

Schlagworte: b2p

083 Oil Overload

24.03.2013Ashley11:20 MinutenBlonde, Inflatables
083 Oil Overload 1
083 Oil Overload 2

See Ashley completely drenched in baby-oil riding, bouncing and playing with two beach balls and a swim ring. During the clip she inflates two arm floats and two small inflatable a.n.i.m.a.l.s., captured in nice close up's of her mouth. No deflating in this clip.

Schlagworte: oil

082 Bouncing Dessous

23.03.2013Ashley8:04 MinutenBalloon, Blonde
082 Bouncing Dessous 1
082 Bouncing Dessous 2
082 Bouncing Dessous 3
082 Bouncing Dessous 4

Ashley dressed up in her sexy underwear performs a b2p sitting and bouncing on many different balloons. First time gets very sensual by riding these balloons. She even starts to moan more and more during the clip.

081 In the tub

22.03.2013Ashley5:32 MinutenBalloon, Blonde
081 In the tub 1
081 In the tub 2
081 In the tub 3
081 In the tub 4

Ashley is in the tub. Of course with many ballloons. Some filled with air, some with water. First she blows up one balloon and starts then to pop all the balloons with her finger nails.