Take a look behind the scenes and see what happend after the last photo shooting. Franka and Karina pulled the photographer
into the action and used his body as a plattform to pop balloons.
5:25 min. - 122 MB

Second part of Jasmin and Rachel filling and popping two more balloons with scary cold water.
9:26 min. - 225 MB

Alex and Kathy want to proof their blowing power, but things get a little out of hand. You decide.
5:02 min. - 113 MB

Jasmin wears her ultra-short bikini which shows more than it covers. She pops a lot of small shiny purple balloons in many
different ways. With her heels, fingernails and under her delicious butt.
11:37 min. - 269 MB

Susie is blowing up one balloon right in front of you, while talking about the many possibilities how to pop a balloon.
6:55 min. - 134 MB

Steffi and Alex want to do a shared b2p but that red balloon is too tough for the girls. So they use the electric air pump
to bring it to the limit.
9:42 min. - 185 MB

100 HighRes Pictures of Karina and Franka playing with black helium balloons and a cigarette. + Shooting video

Jasmin and her friend Rachel celebrate the first summer days with filling some balloons with water
and popping them to get splashed by the cold water.
11:11 min. - 265 MB

Holly pops several balloons with her cigarette. She even tries to fill a balloon with smoke, but can't handle it.
3:39 min. - 82 MB

Alex brought a new friend Kathy to test the all new ClubSteffi logo balloon.
First they inflate one balloon with their air pump to see the maximum size, then they jump and bounce on another one
to test his flexibility.
2:29 min. - 57 MB