Take a look behind the scenes and see what happend after the last photo shooting. Franka and Karina pulled the photographer
into the action and used his body as a plattform to pop balloons.
5:25 min. - 122 MB

Second part of Jasmin and Rachel filling and popping two more balloons with scary cold water.
9:26 min. - 225 MB

Alex and Kathy want to proof their blowing power, but things get a little out of hand. You decide.
5:02 min. - 113 MB

Jasmin wears her ultra-short bikini which shows more than it covers. She pops a lot of small shiny purple balloons in many
different ways. With her heels, fingernails and under her delicious butt.
11:37 min. - 269 MB

Susie is blowing up one balloon right in front of you, while talking about the many possibilities how to pop a balloon.
6:55 min. - 134 MB

Steffi and Alex want to do a shared b2p but that red balloon is too tough for the girls. So they use the electric air pump
to bring it to the limit.
9:42 min. - 185 MB

100 HighRes Pictures of Karina and Franka playing with black helium balloons and a cigarette. + Shooting video

Jasmin and her friend Rachel celebrate the first summer days with filling some balloons with water
and popping them to get splashed by the cold water.
11:11 min. - 265 MB

Holly pops several balloons with her cigarette. She even tries to fill a balloon with smoke, but can't handle it.
3:39 min. - 82 MB